These Are the World’s Most Liveable Cities in 2021

These Are the World’s Most Liveable Cities in 2021

Singapore comes in at number 34 — rising four spots from the previous year.

The Economist Intelligence Unit has released its 2021 Global Liveability Index Report. Curious to know where in the world you can discover the best cities to live in? Without further ado, here are the world’s most liveable cities in 2021.

Auckland, New Zealand is the best city to live in for 2021

world’s most liveable cities 2021

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The City of Sails, one of the largest ports in the Oceania country, takes the top spot for the very first time. Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, also ranked highly on the list — bagging the fourth spot. It comes as no surprise as the country stands out for its swift and effective measures in tackling the spread of COVID-19. 

Its closest neighbour — Australia — also makes an appearance on the list. Adelaide, in South Australia, famous for its wineries came in third place. Perth, brimming with natural attractions, came in sixth while Melbourne came in ninth and Brisbane 10th. Similarly, Australia’s COVID-19 response has been earning international acclaim, what with its strict lockdowns and border controls.

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world’s most liveable cities 2021

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Two cities in Asia have also made it to the top 10 spots. Osaka, an eclectic amalgamation of old-world charm and modern touches, is second on the list. Japan’s capital city, Tokyo, makes it to the fifth spot. 

Only two European cities made the mark: Zurich and Geneva in Switzerland took the seventh and eighth places respectively. Vienna, which dominated the Economist Intelligence Unit’s index from 2018 to 2020, slumped to the 12th place this year. 

Top 10 most liveable cities in the world in 2021

world’s most liveable cities 2021

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  1. Auckland, New Zealand (96.0)
  2. Osaka, Japan (94.2)
  3. Adelaide, Australia (94.0)
  4. Wellington, New Zealand (93.7)
  5. Tokyo, Japan (93.7)
  6. Perth, Australia (93.3)
  7. Zurich, Switzerland (92.8)
  8. Geneva, Switzerland (92.5)
  9. Melbourne, Australia (92.5)
  10. Brisbane, Australia (92.4)

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Liveability score

Taking into account a variety of considerations, the list assigns 140 cities all over the globe with a liveability score. Factors such as stability, healthcare, culture and environment, as well as education and infrastructure are assessed. For the first time ever, it weighs in on the COVID-19 pandemic which has brought about unprecedented challenges, incorporating new indicators to evaluate healthcare strains and restriction levels. 

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