Sweden Launches New Campaign to Differentiate It From Switzerland

Sweden Is Asking Everyone to Stop Confusing It With Switzerland

Don’t get confused!

Just like how some of us have had enough of dealing with people confusing us with someone else, Sweden is on a mission to stop travellers from confusing it with Switzerland! Read on to find out Sweden’s new tourism board campaign and how the world is reacting to it.

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The confusion that has been going on

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Citing a report by Euronews, a whopping 120,000 people worldwide can’t tell the difference between Sweden and Switzerland. But, let’s be honest; we can’t really be mad at people for getting the two countries mixed up. After all,  both nations start with ‘Sw-.’ Plus, people from  these countries are called Swedes and Swiss, respectively. Pretty close, isn’t it? 

The mission they are on about

To clear up the confusion, Sweden Tourism Board has come up with a creative marketing initiative through its Visit Sweden campaign — dropping a satirical video to educate people on which country is which.

The clever campaign with a message that is “clear as day”

The campaign is called Sweden (Not Switzerland). The hit video starts with a Sweden official representative standing on a podium calling out to all Switzerland leaders and citizens. 

The official continues by telling them the reason they’re contacting the other side is to discuss their ‘mutual problem.’ In short, Sweden proposes they (Sweden and Switzerland) each take different things to own and claim as theirs. 

For instance, “Switzerland gets to talk about banks, and Sweden gets to talk about sandbanks,” says the official before continuing with the next brilliant point: “Switzerland will focus on mountaintops, and Sweden will focus on rooftops.”

After much back and forth, the video ends with the Swede official asking Switzerland reps to view and sign the Sweden (Not Switzerland) proposal and urging for this confusion to stop as soon as possible.

The outcome they didn’t see coming

tourist in stockholm sweden

Image credit: Philip Myrtorp

To their surprise, the ‘Sweden (Not Switzerland) campaign actually reached over a million people on its first day and has made headlines in more than 35 nations worldwide! What’s more, if the comments are anything to go by, a lot of travellers found the video to be quite entertaining and are now more eager to visit Sweden than before. Now that’s what you call good marketing! 

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