Here’s What You Should Know About Japan Vaccine Passports So Far!

Here’s What You Should Know About Japan Vaccine Passports So Far!

One step closer to reviving easy travel.

Japan doesn’t like being left out of progress. So if it’s not one step ahead, you can be sure that it’s not too far behind. Starting July 2021, Japan will implement the use of vaccine passports for its citizens for easier travel.

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What to know so far

In a press conference, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato informed the public that locals will be able to apply for vaccine passports starting 26 July 2021. Fully vaccinated residents are asked to apply in the city they were registered in at the time of their inoculation. The application for vaccine passports will be free of charge. 

According to Japan Times, Japan’s vaccine passports will present the date a person was vaccinated, as well as which brand of vaccine they received. This will be in both Japanese and English. By issuing a vaccine passport, Japan hopes to ease the travel experience of its residents who need to travel abroad for business purposes. The country’s hoping other nations will loosen the quarantine measures for fully vaccinated Japanese travellers, or exempt Japanese citizens from quarantine altogether. 

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As of now, Japan is eyeing over 10 countries including Italy, France, and Greece, to ease their quarantine restrictions for Japanese travellers. However, Japan has yet to announce when they will implement similar policies for their international inbound travellers.

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Until the day we can travel to Japan again, let’s all remember to do our part in containing the spread of COVID-19 and get vaccinated too. Stay safe!

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