Terrace Chinese Kitchen: Gourmet Chinese Food now at Sydney International Airport

Terrace Chinese Kitchen: Gourmet Chinese Food now at Sydney International Airport

If you find yourself wandering around Sydney International Airport, treat yourself to a gourmet Chinese cuisine at Terrace Chinese Kitchen.

It is an amazing experience travelling around the world! But the worst feeling comes when you sluggishly sulk through the Departure Hall as the realisation that it’s time to go home dawns on you. Long waits to board the aircraft certainly don’t help matters at all.

With all that spare time, you’d do well to squeeze every opportunity to enjoy abroad while you still can. If you’re in Sydney International Airport, why not head down to its newly launched Terrace Chinese Kitchen to satisfy your Asian cravings with some mouth-watering Chinese food! In fact, to mark its grand opening, you can even enjoy a 10% discount off all menu items until 28 February 2017!


International Departures of Pier B, Terminal 1 (near Gate 30)

Tel: + 61 2 9693 4210


Opening Hours: 6am till 10pm daily

With a top quality menu prepared by award-winning chef Sum Wai-kwong and perfected throughout his extensive 35 years of experience in Hong Kong’s food scene, you can expect to be in for a delectably splendid treat!

The roasted pork belly bao buns (A$9.50) are a definite must-try. A hallmark chinese dish, the restaurant has received rave reviews! From the steamy snow white bun to the tender pork belly roasted to utter perfection. Not to forget the extremely flavourful spices and sauces to top it off.

Give into temptation with some stir-fried beef noodles(A$ 19). This photo alone has us drooling buckets so we’re sure a plate of it will be enough to encourage you through that flight home for similar asian delights. If you’re not in the mood for noodles, a plate of traditional, fried rice is another savoury choice.

Though on the more costly side of things, the sweet and sour pork (A$23) promises to feed you to your heart’s content for your money’s worth. Just look at all the different hues of orangey goodness piling the plate in the photo above! For those less willing to break bank, the pork dumplings (A$8.80) are a good choice and so are the chinese saviour crepes.

What’s a chinese cuisine if you don’t get to dine in that quintessential Chinese themed backdrop?

With its spacious contemporary design, complete with authentic but chic Chinese décor enough to give you a traditional “Cha Lou” (restaurant) vibe, Terrace Chinese Kitchen brings that exceptional “Yum Cha” experience for travellers on-the-go. You can even enjoy the full culinary spectacle of a live cooking kitchen!

Boasting an impressive menu that would satisfy even the most demanding epicure, your departure will not be as forlorn and neither will your stopover be weary. Truly a top quality airport dining experience befitting of a top quality airport.

Information is extracted from Press Release issued by Plaza Premium Group

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