What Heat? 8 Places Near Singapore to Escape the Sweltering Heat

What Heat? 8 Places Near Singapore to Escape the Sweltering Heat

Are you sizzling back home? Here are some places in Southeast Asia you can visit to escape the heat!

We are all more than aware that Singapore’s in for some seriously hot weather all year round. Going outdoors can feel like stepping into a pressure cooker – wah so hot, cannot tahan! Having it extra tough are those without air-conditioning in their homes; I don’t know how we survive without those anymore.

If you’ve had enough of sweaty days like those, I have a simple solution for you: go on a holiday! Here are some relatively cooler places near Singapore than you can consider escaping to when the hot weather strikes!

1. Kundasang, Sabah, Malaysia

places escape heatImage credit: Cabreney Johnny

Kundasang is dubbed “The Little New Zealand of Sabah”, and it’s easy to see why – those rolling green hills, dramatic mountain landscape and low-lying clouds are no doubt reminiscent of New Zealand. However, the important thing is that the maximum temperature in July here is 24°C – yes, maximum! You can even imagine yourself enjoying a pleasant spring day in New Zealand, right here in Sabah. How great is that?

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2. Tagaytay, the Philippines

tagaytayImage credit: Manilaspirit

Just 65km outside Manila lies the town of Tagaytay! There are plenty of things for you to here – go horseback riding, or catch the most iconic view of the Philippines by witnessing the majestic Taal Volcano Island from various points around the city. Plus, with temperatures hanging around the early to mid-twenties range, the time is never better for you to go on a holiday here!

3. Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

cameron highlandsImage credit: Will Ellis

Were you guys thinking of this? If so, congrats! Cameron Highlands is the perfect destination to escape from the Singapore heat. You’ll be treated to fresh air, stunning sceneries and nature galore! Anyone looking to run from the hustle and bustle of Singapore can look forward to a good de-stressing in Cameron Highlands. 

4. Bali, Indonesia

baliImage credit: Thomas Depenbusch

Bali’s situated a little south of the equator, and it’s not subject to the same scorching heat as Singapore. The maximum temperature here in July is 31°C while its average hovers around 27°C – that may seem hot to you, but come on, that’s miles away from the 35°C temperature that’s plaguing Singapore right now. Bali adventure, anyone?

5. Mae Hong Son, Thailand

mae hong sonImage credit: Steve Belcher

If you’re running away from both the heat and civilisation, look no further than Mae Hong Son. This remote little town, tucked away between mountains near the Burmese border, is shrouded in mist. The cooling temperatures here will make you will feel world’s away from Singapore. You might even forget the heat and humidity you’ve left behind!

6. Baguio, the Philippines

baguioImage credit: Sir Mildred Pierce

How could we not include Baguio City? It’s not called “The Summer Capital of the Philippines” for nothing! Locals looking to escape the sweltering heat in Manila flock here during the hot summer months – so there’s no reason why you can’t do that, too! You’ll need a warm sweater here, because its high altitudes result in temperatures no higher than 23°C. What are you waiting for, take this opportunity to explore the Philippines outside of Manila and Boracay!

7. Kerala, India

keralaImage credit: Good Morning Munnar

It’s monsoon season right now in Kerala, and believe it or not, this is best time for a visit! No place in the world looks as attractive in the rain as Kerala does. Think waterfalls, charming backwaters and mist-shrouded buildings. Leave the sticky Singapore heat behind, and step into a land that’s a world of its own!

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8. Penang Hill, Penang, Malaysia

penang hillImage credit: Ah Wei (Lung Wei)

I’m certain that Penang’s almost as hot as Singapore is right now. However, these city-dwellers are luckier than us Singaporeans, because they’ve got Penang Hill to escape to! It’s situated high above Georgetown, and the high altitude renders it a whopping 5 degrees cooler than mainland Penang. There are numerous resorts available for you to pick from, so you don’t even need to venture down to Georgetown if you don’t want to!

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Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of the best places to escape to, it’s time to pack your bags and say sayonara for the time being! You’ll thank me later.

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