Score Some Serious Family Bonding Points at the Newly-Opened Marine Cove

Score Some Serious Family Bonding Points at the Newly-Opened Marine Cove

There's no better place to bond with your family than at the newly-reopened Marine Cove!

It’s time to rejoice, easterners, because Marine Cove is now re-opened to the public as of yesterday (29/6)! Get ready to spend an entire day here, because there’s going to be tons of activities that’s going to bring you ever-closer to your families.

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marine cove opening

I had the privilege of being brought around Marine Cove by the National Parks Board, yesterday, where I was immediately struck by how big the whole place is. And indeed – it’s 21500sqm2! Perfect for the children to run around in wild abandon.

big tower

I was first shown the area designated for the 5-12 year olds. And let me tell you – it was epic. 6-year-old me would’ve loved this place.

Of course, that didn’t stop me from wanting to run around and climb the things here. But, you know, I gotta maintain that professionalism. *coughs*

rope bridge

No, you’re not seeing things. That’s a rope ladder leading up to a rope bridge, where parents and children alike were trying to traverse across to the other side. And what’s the other side? It’s none other than…

big tower

…this epic 8m tower, complete with three levels! Your little kiddo can move up and down on a rope ladder that’s within the tower itself. Oh, and did I mention that there were three slides coming out of the tower as well? No? Well, now you know!

big slide

Parents, you can join in the fun as well! You can see how big this slide is – definitely big enough for you to hold your child’s hand as you go sliding down together.

Of course, the tower and rope bridges aren’t the only thing that makes up this epic 3500m2 playground. Well duh, it’s 3500m2! Try taking a look at some of the things that they have, and I’m sure that your kid will be kept entertained for the next hour or so.




Let me show you a personal favourite of mine. One push of this little gizmo below, and you get to start the game of your choice.

interactive tech

Once it begins, the child’s gotta keep up with which lights the game wants he/she to press on the adjacent machine below. It’s either quick-thinking, or game over! A rather innovative way to aid in the development of a child, if you ask me. Amazing how much technology has evolved, hasn’t it?


There was an area set aside for kids below the age of 5 – the playthings were lower, making it easier for them to reach and use. It was empty though! Honestly speaking, I wouldn’t blame them for flocking to the area for 5-12-year-old kids. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t be enticed by that huge tower or the rope bridge?

young uns slide

Alright, let’s get serious for a moment. I know some parents out there really want to bring your child here, but are worried for the well-being of your child, who might be experiencing some difficulties or disabilities. Let me tell you – you don’t have to worry. The playground has play things that cater to any difficulties that your child might have.


See these little snake things? They’re likewalkie talkies that can have kids conversing with one another – in separate areas of the playground! Here’s the bonus: they’re low enough that any kid who’s bound to a wheelchair can easily use it as well.

quiet corner

Does your kid need to take a break away from the crowds of screaming children? No problem. This little capsule is situated far enough from the “main attractions” of the playground such that he/she can keep away from the crowds for as long as they need 🙂


Alright, moving on. I’m sure that after a long day playing around in the hot sun, your children are going to need a quick wash-up. It’s annoying how most toilets seem to only cater to adults, right? Well, you don’t have to worry about the toilets at Marine Cove, because they’re at that perfect height for your child to reach comfortably. Take a look!

kid friendly washing area

Your kids are also probably going to be famished after that whole day of exertion. Have no fear, because five F&B establishments are opening in the area – and yes, that includes the re-opening of the much-awaited McDonald’s!


Here comes the zinger: This McDonald’s is going to have its very own salad bar! And ice-cream bar! I don’t know about you, but I’m seriously lovin’ it! I’m sure your kids will love it too.

Of course, the McDonald’s isn’t the only F&B establishment here. There’s also The Coffee Bean, Babalicious, Hill Street Coffee Shop and My Briyani House! Muslim families will have an easier time here choosing from a larger variety of halal eateries that you’d be hard-pressed to find outside.

yogurt bar

Did I mention that the Coffee Bean outlet has its very own yogurt counter? You’re welcome.


Long tables mean more space for your families – so reach out to your extended family, because this place is going to be perfect for a mini-reunion! You don’t have to just wait for your respective ethnic holidays to meet up with the rest of your fam.

Oh, in that rare moment when your kid isn’t hungry and is bored instead, never fear. Each of the establishments has its own area set aside for the children’s entertainment – so now you know that you can eat in peace while your children are busy entertaining themselves!

kid facilities

One more thing. Gone are the days where there were unsightly buildings obstructing the views of you or your child’s. At Marine Cove, you’ll have clear, unobstructed views of the sea and vast amounts of space for the kids to run around – perfect for that weekend before the start of school!

beach view

Now that you’ve seen the best of what Marine Cove has to offer, all that’s left is for you to bring your families here! East Coast Park is huge, I know, but Carparks C2 and C3 are made readily available for you – and the best thing is, the number of parking lots have increased to create more space for visitors! Or, you could get here via the linkway from Marine Terrace.


Image credit: National Parks Board

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Go at it, because it’s time for some serious family bonding!

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