Wes Anderson in Singapore: 10 Places That Reflect the Popular Aesthetic

10 ‘Accidentally Wes Anderson’ Locations in Singapore for Your Next Shoot

More like intentionally Wes Anderson, if you’d ask us!

In the world of cinema, you know you’ve made it as a filmmaker when people can recognise your works from a single image. This mark of excellence doesn’t apply to many, but Wes Anderson is definitely one of them. His films are shot with a unique vintage flair, combining the use of bold colour palettes, symmetry, and incredible costume design to create a treat for the eyes. This aesthetic has been a cult favourite for quite some time now, but it recently gained even more popularity through the Accidentally Wes Anderson trend on TikTok and Instagram. 

Being able to bring his cinematography into everyday life is a one-of-a-kind treat, and Singapore is simply one of those destinations with a lot of Wes Anderson-esque locations. With that in mind, here are the best spots where you can pull off an Accidentally Wes Anderson in Singapore —  in case you’re thinking of trying out the trend for yourself.

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Wes Anderson in Singapore: IG-worthy spots perfect for the trend

1. Central Fire Station

wes anderson singapore

Image credit: Kevin Siyuan

The Central Fire Station is Singapore’s oldest surviving fire station, built way back in 1909. Singapore had a rather shaky firefighting service at the time, until it was transformed upon the arrival of Montague W. Pett, who championed the building of this structure.

Its red-and-white rusticated facade has a colour palette that’s a lot like the Manhattan brownstone mansion featured in The Royal Tenenbaums. This fire station is certainly a Wes Anderson Singapore location that’s perfect for the trend.

2. Joo Chiat Road

accidentally wes anderson

Image credit: Kevin Siyuan

Wes Anderson’s colour choices are a huge part of his cinematography, but this director has definitely popularised the beauty of pastel colours in his works. You’ll find those very same pretty pastels on the exterior paintwork of the Peranakan houses along Joo Chiat Road in  Katong. Combined with colourful tiles and stylised gates, it’s an Accidentally Wes Anderson Singapore spot you don’t want to miss.

3. Firangi Superstar Restaurant

singapore wes anderson

Image credit: Kevin Siyuan

Not only is Firangi Superstar a great place to enjoy contemporary Indian cuisine in Singapore, but it also has a unique interior design that’s unmistakably Accidentally Wes Anderson. The bold, dark reds of Firangi’s decor combined with warm lightning very much resemble the lobby from The Grand Budapest Hotel.

4. Old Hill Street Police Station

wes anderson singapore

Image credit: Kevin Siyuan

The brilliant rainbow colours of Old Hill Street Police Station simply demand to be showcased on the ’Gram. Combined with the white paint of the surrounding concrete, it creates a visual feast that Wes Anderson himself would most likely approve of. Also, the building’s facade evokes the rows of colourful exterior windows from The Grand Budapest Hotel, creating another aesthetic Wes Anderson Singapore location.

5. Capitol Kempinski Hotel

accidentally wes anderson

Image credit: Kevin Siyuan

Capitol Kempinski Hotel is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious hotels in Singapore, and it has the architecture to back up that claim. It stands as a combination of the former Stamford House and Capitol Building.

Obviously, you can’t help but think of The Grand Budapest Hotel when you look at this one. Capitol Kempinski’s colonial Art Deco style blends with Victorian architectural details to create a sense of grandeur that makes it another great spot to reenact Wes Anderson in Singapore.

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6. Jewel Changi Airport

accidentally wes anderson singapore

Image credit: Kristine Jamie via Canva Pro

Yet another Wes Anderson Singapore location is the ever-popular Jewel Changi Airport. One hallmark of Anderson’s films is the dolly shot (otherwise called the “walking shot”). It’s when he tracks a scene, or character, moving from one end of a space to the other. Jewel Changi’s broad open walkways, framed against the iconic Rain Vortex, are the perfect place to do just that.

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7. Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall

Image credit: Kevin Siyuan

This historic concert hall also happens to make for a perfect location to shoot á la Wes Anderson in Singapore, especially from the outside. It has a wide front lawn, a grand facade, a majestic fountain, and even a clock tower. These architectural elements placed against a symmetric frame result in an atmosphere that very much speaks to Wes Anderson’s style. The splash of pastel green on the dome of the clock tower is just the icing on the cake.

8. Peranakan Museum

wes anderson singapore

Image credit: Kevin Siyuan

One more Wes Anderson Singapore spot to get those The Grand Budapest Hotel vibes is the Peranakan Museum. Its wide, grand facade of snowy white and pastel green checks the Wes Anderson vibe box without question. On top of that, it’s also a great place to visit if you’d like to learn more about the rich Peranakan culture and history that permeates Singapore.

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9. Eunos Vista HDB

Image credit: offdayplans

Historical buildings aren’t the only Accidentally Wes Anderson Singapore locations to look out for. Sometimes, they’re a lot closer to home (if you’re a local, that is). Or in this case, are homes. The oceanic blue and pastel shades of Eunos HDB in Bedok basically capture the entire colour palette of Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

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10. Selegie House

Image credit: Kevin Siyuan

Speaking of HDBs, let’s take a look at Selegie House. Wes Anderson’s cinematography is iconic for his use of symmetry in every shot. You’ll find that very same symmetrical aesthetic in Selegie’s external architecture, where balconies are arranged in perfect unison. Each one is also adorned with the national flag, making it a Wes Anderson Singapore location that’s also very patriotic.

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Thanks to this list, you should have more than enough locations in mind to piece together your very own take on Accidentally Wes Anderson in Singapore. So, if you’re an intrepid local with a love for Anderson’s films, or someone visiting Singapore with time to spare, why not give it a try?

Featured image credit: Sam Goh via Canva Pro 

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