8 Underwater Destinations To Make You Feel Like You’re In Atlantis

Unleash Your Inner Aquaman At These Underwater Destinations

Are you ready for some fun under the... sea?

We’re just a few days away from the highly anticipated release of the blockbuster film Aquaman and we’ve got just the right list of travel destinations to set you in the mood.

underwater locations aquaman

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It’s not too exhaustive, but it has all the right Atlantean vibes to whet your appetite for the movie — underwater cities, hidden gems, and loads of fish! Here are eight underwater destinations to bring out your inner Aquaman.

1. Vanish Roller Coaster in Yokohama, Japan

underwater locations aquaman

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Imagine jumping off the edge of a cliff and descending headfirst into the deep blue sea. That’s what the Vanish Roller Coaster is all about. Just like Jason Momoa in Aquaman, you’ll be able to experience the thrill ride of a lifetime as you plunge into the water midway through the heart-pounding journey. Don’t worry — you won’t get wet because it’s actually a tunnel.

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2. Ocean Atlas statue off the coast of Nassau, Bahamas

The submerged city of Atlantis is decked with majestic ornaments. These include larger-than-life statues, luxurious pedestals, and a grandiose throne —  among other out of this world paraphernalia. You’ll get to witness that to some degree (of awesomeness) when snorkelling at Ocean Atlas. Submerged five metres underwater, the massive structure portrays a young Bahamian girl who appears to be in deep thought. It’s meant to be a coral reef, so expect the area to be teeming with marine life.

3. Sunken Boeing 727 in Mermet Springs, USA

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How often have you seen a plane crash into the depths of the ocean whenever our fictional heroes battle supervillains on the big screen? Well, now you can take your imagination to another level and see what a plane looks like after it crashes into the water. Mermet Springs is a quarry that houses an actual Boeing 727 jet — one that was used in the 1997 film U.S. Marshals. You’ll get to dive beyond 50 feet and even explore the hollow hull of the plane.

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4. Underwater volcano in Banua Wuhu, Indonesia

Do you have the same chivalry as Aquaman? If yes, then Banua Wuhu should be on your diving bucket list. This spot is smack in the middle of the Siau and Sangihe Islands, but what makes this location special is the 400-metre-high active volcano that is submerged there. It’s the only place in the world where you can swim in such conditions without having to worry about toxic fumes and lava. Just dive a few feet below the water, and you’ll feel like you have superhero powers, too.

5. Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Florida, USA

If you haven’t had the experience of living like Aquaman, get out from under that rock and get into the ocean! Jules’ Undersea Lodge is the world’s first underwater hotel that requires you to scuba dive in order to get to your rooms. Now that’s what we call pressure! Once in, you’ll be attended to like the king or queen of the sea by diving butlers, who will not only serve you pizza and wine but teach you how to dive as well.

6. Underwater museum at Cape Tarkhankut, Ukraine

History buffs, this one’s for you. The crystal clear waters of Cape Tarkhankut is home to a unique underwater museum which exhibits the Alley of Leaders. The showcase consists of a man-made collection of busts featuring Russian communist leaders from the harsh times of the Soviet Union. The most exciting aspect of this repository is that it’s regularly updated; the creators periodically add to the anthology of busts, which currently stands at over 50 pieces. You’ll also be treated to picturesque steep banks and beautiful cliffs above the water.

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7. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in the Maldives

Eat in a restaurant fit for a king (of the oceans) five metres below the surface as you watch fishes swim through colourful corals while you dine. The glass panels start from knee level and form the entire roof, so you won’t miss a single thing in the waters that surround you. Just make sure you don’t neglect the person dining with you while you’re in awe of the view.

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8. Shark cage diving at Neptune Islands, Australia

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Now for the test of the ages to find out if you have Aquaman DNA running through your veins. Step into a shark cage at Neptune Islands — the birthplace of the gigantic structure built to withstand the ferocity of fierce creatures in the deep blue — and watch in awe as Great Whites turn on their hunting instincts while circling around you in crystal clear waters. If you don’t get that tickle down your spine, you pass!

At this point, you’d probably be ready for the premiere of Aquaman (13 Dec 2018 in Singapore) along with a holiday laden with wet activities. But if somehow, you’re not in the mood for some underwater action, perhaps Amber Heard or Jason Momoa can set you straight!

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