Travel Will Teach You More Than School Ever Did

Travel Will Teach You More Than School Ever Did

Because travel is the best teacher.

There are simply some things you’ll never learn from hitting the books and scribbling notes. Hands down, travelling the world provides the best learning experiences, and it will even teach you more than school ever did.

You’ll learn that you’re more capable than you thought possible

Traveling can have an almost magical, transformative effect on you overall and have a lasting influence on your life. Travel can turn an introvert into an extrovert, build confidence, push your mental and physical limits and help you successfully adapt to unfamiliar and even uncomfortable situations. If you you want to discover what you’re truly made of, journey to a new destination.

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You’ll learn that people are essentially good

No matter where you live, people are usually driven by similar desires. We care for our friends and family and we do everything we can to protect them. We work tirelessly to improve our lives and those of our family and yes, most of us are warm and welcoming, regardless of what the media tells you. Travel reminds us that regardless of where we live, we’re bound by positive similarities, not always separated by differences. Traveling allows you to discover this happy fact for yourself.

Your conversational skills will improve

Travel makes it possible to speak intelligently on a wide variety international and cultural topics. Travel teaches you how global policy affects different countries and cultures.

Travel humbles you

Most of us spend our lives being told how special we are from our parents to whom we’re the center of the universe, to our friends, teachers and work colleagues. Travel reminds us of how small our worlds truly are. As Gustave Flaubert, Flaubert quoted in 1849 in Egypt, “Traveling makes one modest – you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

You truly learn that stereotypes are preposterous

Travel clears your mind of the preposterous stereotypes you hear about on sensationalised news and movies. For instance, not all Americans are greedy, Canadians overly polite, Muslims villains or Australians great at Barbecuing. Fortunately, travel has the ability to clear your mind of such absurdities.

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And that the world isn’t really a dangerous place

Flip on the news at any given time and you’ll see stories of terrorist attacks, civil wars and more, never feeling like the battles are taking place very far away. The truth is that negative news sells, and if we don’t venture out beyond our backyards, it’s easy to fall for the hype and fear taking place beyond your country’s borders. Just make your travel plans using common sense and explore some of the magnificent destinations you learned about in school and not just the popular ones.

Travel will open captivating doors to you, to places where simple gestures can open your heart to memorable experiences. Traveling will bring you as much know how as many of the skills you learned in school ever did. Travel is a journey that lasts a lifetime and that’s never the same twice. Everything points to travel being able to be a better teacher than anyone else.

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