7 Reasons Why Booking a Luxury Accommodation Is Worth It

7 Reasons Why Luxury Accommodations Are Worth Splurging On

A comprehensive look into the pros of high-end stays.

In a wanderlust society like ours, travellers are often looking at the cheapest, most value-for-money accommodations. With more affordable options like hostels, homestays, and even camping becoming more mainstream, luxury accommodations might not even be on most people’s lists in the first place. However, you might want to give these a chance — even if it’s only once in a while. 

While fancy, expensive hotels (or even vacation rentals) aren’t always my go-to every time I travel, I do appreciate that these are not just about spacious rooms with beautiful furniture. Previous stays have shown me that even the experiences outside the actual room could make your overall trip smooth sailing. That said, here are some reasons why you should consider booking a luxury accommodation for your next vacation!

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1. The decor and facilities will really make you feel like royalty

Fancy hotel pool

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I’m sure you’ve seen photos of some fancy, expensive hotels; with shimmering chandeliers, wide-stretching infinity pools, and enormous en-suite kitchens. For many of us, we won’t be able to enjoy such decor and facilities on the daily. Personally, I would look forward to treating myself to a million-dollar view and access to premium facilities every once in a while. So, staying in a luxury hotel room — even if it’s just for a short while — can be a great treat for those who need a quick break from their mundane lives. In fact, going on a quick vacay in a premiere hotel room is sometimes all you need to be recharged (staycations, anyone?). 

2. You can afford to pack lighter

Light luggage

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Travel should be about relaxing and having a worry-free experience, but we do need our toiletries, even if we’re away for just a night! A luxury accommodation provides an array of amenities, sparing no detail — from gourmet coffee machines, to satellite TV and even branded toiletries. (The third being the kind that your mum might ask you to ‘dabao’ home). 

Since the hotel already provides these amenities, you wouldn’t need to stuff your suitcases to the brim. And if you do miss something on your packing list, the hotel might even be able to provide it for you. Now, pampering yourself with the lux amenities provided? That sounds like a true vacation!

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3. No itinerary planning needed

Relaxing, luxury accommodation

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One factor that can dampen the joy of going on a holiday is the need to organise all the tiny details: When does the museum open? Do we need to make a reservation with this particular restaurant? 

Well, a luxury travel accommodation can alleviate these responsibilities. The concierge personnel (or sometimes, even the Airbnb Host) will really be your godsend when making plans to explore the area, providing all the information you need (maybe even tips that you can’t find on the internet) and other important services. They can easily call for taxi services to and fro between your destination and the hotel, or provide suggestions for restaurants nearby. Moreover, some big luxury accommodations do organise their own unique, curated travel packages to special attractions that are not offered by travel planners elsewhere. At this rate, you wouldn’t even need to plan anything for your trip! 

4. You’ll be entertained by the wide range of activities 

Activities, luxury accommodation

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High-end hotels and resorts have some of the best facilities and prepare engaging programs that you won’t even feel like leaving! Staying there throughout your trip might sound boring, but these luxury accommodations know how to keep us busy. Many of these, especially resorts, provide a wide range of activities for their guests daily. And oftentimes, guests can enjoy such activities for free! These resorts usually arrange various regular programs like group exercise classes and handicraft workshops. Some even have kids clubs with 24/7 chaperones available, for travelling parents who want to (temporarily) let go of their responsibilities.  

When I last stayed in a rather expensive accommodation, I was amazed by the numerous activities offered. Sports like volleyball and snorkelling, games like chess and jenga, and even local cooking classes! We also enjoyed the daily fire show and the in-house spa that was available 24/7. So, those 10 days at the resort really flew by and we did not feel bored, even for a moment!  Gone are the stresses of leaving your hotel early to make it to a particular activity site, or getting lost when taking a foreign country’s public transportation. You can just sit back, relax, and participate in whatever the hotel has to offer!

5. You’ll get a unique experience that you can’t find elsewhere

Unique hotel experience

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Ultimately, an accommodation is simply a place of respite. So, why are people willing to spend that extra money on their luxury hotel when they could be spending it on experiences? Well, staying at a luxury accommodation is an experience in itself! 

Apart from the great location and amenities, these travel accommodations often have something extra-special to offer — which often is the main attraction point that reels potential guests in. From waking up to a view of a private zoo in your hotel, to sleeping in a glass igloo with the view of the Aurora Borealis all around you, luxury accommodations offer some unique experiences that distinguish themselves from others; becoming more than just a place to sleep. Not only will these one-of-a-kind experiences make you the subject of admiration amongst your friends, but you will also have great stories to tell!

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6. You’ll receive top-quality treatment

Good service, luxury hotel room

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No, I’m not talking about the über-special private butlers or luxury car pick-ups and drop-offs by the hotel. Though some fancy, expensive hotels do have these,  I’m talking about the small things; like the adorable arrangement of the guest’s stuffed toys after the room is made up, or the complimentary welcome drink and snack when the guest arrives. Luxury accommodations pay extra attention to detail in their service, which makes you feel so well taken care of.  

I still remember receiving some amazing service when my parents took me to dinner at one of the high-end restaurants of a luxury accommodation over 15 years ago. As there was no kid-friendly menu item, I didn’t enjoy my food. The waiter noticed my lack of appetite and offered to have the chef prepare a dish which was off the menu for me: spaghetti bolognese, free of charge (imagine my parents’ delight at that)! Even to this day, that memory has been etched in my mind, attesting to the impact of quality service. 

7. Sometimes, we just need to treat ourselves and indulge in luxury

Relaxing bath, luxury accommodation

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If you’re like me, travelling is an opportunity to take a pause on our usual hectic lifestyle and step away from our daily routine. Similarly, those who don’t often indulge in their travels would have a completely different experience staying in a luxury hotel room. As I’ve mentioned earlier, you’re getting not only a beautiful room with a splendid view, but also an all-inclusive experience of special treatment and experiences. 

Of course, it can be difficult to decide to spend that bit of money on your travel accommodation when there are so many cheaper options. But in the spirit of treating ourselves more often, I encourage you to pamper yourself as a reward for all the hard work you’ve done. The act of indulging once in a while, especially for those who are more familiar with budget travelling, would really make your trip even more memorable. 

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And this concludes my top reasons why staying at luxury accommodations is worth every penny! These are more than decadent rooms and restaurants, they include top-notch service and exciting activities, lined up just for you. So, why not consider a more luxe option for your next vacation? Enjoy everything that a luxury accommodation has to offer! Afterwards, feel free to share your experience on our Facebook page

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