18 Things that Singaporeans Do After Returning From Abroad

18 Things that Singaporeans Do After Returning From Abroad

So, your smashing vacation has sadly came to an end. Now what?

1. Off flight mode

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2. Remove any outerwear

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Because 35 degrees Celsius

3. Inhale a huge whiff of Changi Airport goodness

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4. Slide down the T3 slide

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5. Stand in front of the Kinetic Rain and admire it for a good 10 minutes

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6. Pee

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Even if you don’t have to because that’s how beautiful our world-class airport toilets are

7. Enjoy the all-familiar chatters in Singlish

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8. Raid the booze at Duty Free Store

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9. Grab a McSpicy

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10. Have Nasi Lemak

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11. Or maybe Bak Kut Teh

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12. And the 221349 other amazing dishes available here

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13. Queue for a cab

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14. Pray you don’t get a Premier one

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15. Feel a total sense of belonging as you cruise through familiar road signs and tree-lined sidewalks

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16. Then complain about the heat and humidity when you alight

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17. Cry yourself to sleep when withdrawal symptoms from your vacation start kicking in

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18. Then start planning for your next big adventure

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