A Direct Flight Route Between Vancouver & Singapore Is Now Available

Air Canada Now Offers the Only Direct Flight Route Between Vancouver & Singapore

Travellers can now fly between Vancouver and Singapore without stopovers!

As of 4 Apr, Air Canada is servicing direct flight routes to and from the city of Vancouver in western Canada to Singapore. Currently, this flight is the only non-stop flight route between Vancouver and Singapore. This is the first time since 1991 that the Canadian national carrier is operating flights from Singapore.

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Key information on the Vancouver-Singapore directs

The direct flight route between Vancouver and Singapore, operated using Boeing 787-9 aircraft, will take 14 hours and 40 minutes. This flight route is Air Canada’s longest flight by distance, covering about 13,000 kilometres.

Typically, it takes at least 18 hours for travellers to fly to and from Vancouver and Singapore. Air Canada’s new route reduces this travel time by at least four hours. Moreover, travellers will no longer have to stop over at other cities.

Air Canada will service the non-stop flight routes between Vancouver and Singapore four times a week. By December 2024, there will be five flights available weekly.

A response to growing market demand

Air Canada’s launch of the new direct flight route between Vancouver and Singapore is attributed to the strengthening ties between Canada and Singapore, which has raised market demand for air travel between the two countries.

The move comes six months after Singapore Airlines (SIA) stopped direct flights between Singapore and Vancouver. At that time, a spokesperson for SIA had cited that the service was halted as the airline regularly reviews its network operations to “adjust capacity to match demand for services” in its various markets.

Air Canada’s first non-stop flight from Vancouver arrived at Changi Airport on 4 Apr at 7.36am, and the flight in the opposite direction departed at 9.50am. Both flights were at full capacity.

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