InterContinental Singapore Offers Free Overnight Voucher If It Rains

Rainy Day Bonus: InterContinental Singapore Offers a Free Overnight Voucher If It Rains on Your Vacation

Heavy rain during your stay in Singapore? InterContinental Singapore has got you covered.

The tropical country of Singapore receives abundant rainfall, experiencing an average of 171 rainy days every year. For people travelling to the Lion City, it is almost guaranteed that they will experience some rain during their stay. However, the popular 5-star hotel InterContinental Singapore has recently rolled out a new package that aims to cheer up guests who have their plans ruined by the rain.

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InterContinental Singapore’s Rain Resist Bliss package

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Under InterContinental Singapore’s Rain Resist Bliss package which was launched on 1 Mar 2024, guests whose plans are disrupted by the rain during their stay will be given a voucher worth a night’s stay in the hotel. The voucher value is equivalent to one night’s stay in the room category that the guest is currently staying in. Keep in mind that this voucher must be spent at InterContinental Singapore within six months from the date of issuance.

Certain criteria have to be met in order for guests to receive the vouchers. According to InterContinental Singapore, the “rain duration” must exceed “120 cumulative minutes within any 4-hour block of time during daylight hours.” The Rain Resist Bliss package also only applies to guests staying in suites, which are priced starting from S$850 per night.

Guests are not required to show their planned itinerary to redeem their voucher from InterContinental Singapore. Instead, the hotel uses data from Singapore’s National Environment Agency to automatically decide if guests are eligible for the vouchers. Meanwhile, vouchers will be credited seven days after the weather data has been published.

The Rain Resist Bliss package ends on 31 Dec 2024.

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Planning a staycation soon? Don’t let rain dampen your trip and book a suite with InterContinental Singapore — rainy day voucher or not, it’s sure to be a luxurious stay.

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