Amid Flooding, GrabBoat in Singapore Meme Comes to Rescue

Amid Flooding, GrabBoat in Singapore Meme Comes to Rescue

You could get an “Economy boat seat” for S$19.30.

Is there GrabBoat in Singapore? At least one Instagram page seems to think so.

The Garden City isn’t necessarily the image you’d have in mind when things like heavy rain and flooding come about. But for those who live or lived in the city for some time, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The month of August 2021 is one of those times when it has experienced its worst rainfall, even leaving a number of vehicles submerged in parts of the country. In fact, the consequent flooding has turned so bad, locals online took the situation into their own hands and launched a new transport option to the Singapore-based ride-hailing app.

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But no, there really isn’t GrabBoat in Singapore

On 25 Aug 2021, Singapore Social Work Memeoirs on Instagram caught netizens’ attention with a screenshot of Grab Singapore. But rather than the usual lineup of Grab vehicles, this one consisted of a vector image of a boat alongside the words “GrabBoat.” Without showing the origin and destination, you could get an “Economy boat seat” for S$19.30, which is a few dollars more expensive than getting the JustGrab and GrabCar option.

The screenshot looked so real that some followers of the page were left both stunned and excited. However, a few eagle-eyed ones quickly noted how the image is actually fake. “Obviously it’s photoshopped cos the font is different,” commented a certain Steve Wang. Another pointed out how the overall look of the boat image seemed to differ from the rest of the vehicles. Indeed, the boat sported a blue and white colour. Meanwhile, the rest of the Grab transport options, as we know it, are in green and white.

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In the caption, Singapore Social Work Memeoirs also wrote the words, “Grab added a GrabBoat option because of all the Flash Flooding. In all seriousness, stay safe out there. Climate is changing.” So to answer what you might have also been wondering, no, there is still no GrabBoat in Singapore, although it could really come in handy when such weather events take place around the small island nation. As to what has been causing them, the National Environment Agency cited a phenomenon known as Indian Ocean Dipole, which has been bringing alarming torrential rains to Singapore.

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