9 Things That Happen When You Travel with Your Partner for the First Time

9 Things That Happen When You Travel with Your Partner for the First Time

When you travel with your partner for the first time, some things, good and bad, are bound to happen.

What can possibly be better than spending an entire weekend wandering an old town or exploring the secrets of a new city? Experiencing all these with the person you love the most, of course.

After travelling for years with friends, families or by yourself, it’s quite thrilling to finally get the chance to share what you love with your love. Cheesy, isn’t it? And when you finally travel together for the first time, some things can’t be stopped from happening.

1. You end up watching his every reaction to every sight and sound you encounter.

travel partner first time

Will the view of the deep blue sea mesmerize him, too? Will he also find joy at the exotic flavours you could only taste from local cuisines? For some reason, you’re more excited for him. And somehow, you just can wait for you both to fall in love at the same time, not with each other, but with the destination.

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2. But you’re also worried whether he’s enjoying the travel as much as you do.

You want him so much to enjoy travelling as much as you do that you end up fretting over everything. You’re worried that even a little change in plan can upset him. You know you’re just being paranoid, because there’s no way that he wouldn’t enjoy it as much.

3. You’re still mystified to see him outside of your usual hangout places.

Meeting him at the airport is definitely a hundred times cooler than seeing him at the mall. This is just like a date but in a grander scale.

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4. It’s all fun and sweet then you start arguing about the petty things.

Of course it’s bound to happen. When you’re both hungry and tired and nothing is going your way, it’s impossible not to get in each others’ nerves.

5. Nothing excites you more than than seeing him bond with your travel buddies.

How can this not make you happy? You can actually see this happening more often. You, him, your travel buddies, and all the places you guys will conquer someday.

6. You end up learning something new about each other.

Who knew his tough act can only be broken by throwing him in the ocean? There are some things that only travelling can bring out in a person.

7. Your brave acts (or stupidity) when travelling surprise him.

It’s all about YOLO-ing for you, but he might not be up to taking that #followmeto photo when you’re at the edge of a cliff.

8. You find yourself on top of the world and you’re more than glad to see the person standing next to you.

Because when you’re faced with so much beauty, there’s really only one person you wish you can see it with. Your wish has now turned into a reality.

9. Finally, you got yourself a new travel buddy.

travel with partner for first time

You know this is just the start of more adventures when you start planning where you’re going next. Because there will be more adventures, and you cannot wait for all of these to happen again.

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