What’s Great About Living in Cyberjaya

What’s Great About Living in Cyberjaya

The aspiring Silicon Valley of Malaysia’s not just a boring science and tech hub. It also makes a fantastic place to live. Here’s why.

Cyberjaya was established in May of 1997. It sprouted on 2,800 hectares of mostly undeveloped land, 40 kilometres south of Kuala Lumpur, and has since become a shining beacon of Malaysia’s hope to transition into the knowledge economy. With aspirations towards becoming the nation’s very own Silicon Valley, it had humble origins. This tech hub has seen numerous developments since its humble beginnings with commercial, industrial and educational interests.

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Cyberjaya aims to provide a collaborative environment with many incentives. With a supportive ecosystem, Cyberjaya was made on the basis of prioritizing technology, education, and entrepreneurship with a startup ecosystem supported by governing bodies and incubators. There’s more: Cyberjaya has a great number of shopping plazas, recreational parks, creative attractions and more.

If you’re thinking of making Cyberjaya your home, here’s the lowdown on what makes Cyberjaya such a cool place to stay in.


A veritable oasis of food, Cyberjaya has restaurants, eateries, and diners. If you stay in Cyberjaya, you may not even have to travel more than 10 kilometres to the nearest “mixed rice” spot. There’s Padi House, an open-air concept café and a rather popular chill out place just a short drive from Multimedia University Cyberjaya. You can also find Western, Arabic, Mughal and Yemeni cuisine.


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Shopping outlets and some noteworthy developments can be found around places like D’Pulze Shopping Centre and Shaftsbury Square. How about a staycation in Cyberjaya? Cyberview Resort, Pullman Hotel, Le’Meridien Shaftsbury Residences can be found in this vicinity. There’s even a hotel made up of containers! Interesting activities can be enjoyed in Cyberjaya too such as go-kart racing and a ride on a hot air balloon.

Physical activities

The young, environmentally conscious generation can be found here and developers have planned their buildings to become Green Building Index rated. Cyberjaya encourages residents to pay attention to their athletic side and you can find people spending a full day cycling and jogging while admiring the landscapes along Cyberjaya’s paths. There are also annual races and extreme sports events that are hosted here such as the Red Bull Air Race. Here, ample space with green facilities can be found and there’s even The Indoor Rock Wall Climbing Complex as well as the Skate and Thrill Park in this area.

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Move around

Contrary to what some people may think, Cyberjaya is actually a very accessible location. You can take the train, rent a car or just take the pathways. Surrounded by populated areas such as Puchong, Putrajaya, Kajang, and Bangi, it is also 25 minutes to the Kuala Lumpur City Centre and 20 minutes to KLIA 2. The KLIA Express Train can also take you to KL city centre.

Get smart

One thing that you may know about Cyberjaya is that it’s a student town. With around six universities all through Cyberjaya and Putrajaya, you’ll find reputable institutions such as Lim Kok Wing University and Multimedia University as well as Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences and approximately 25,000 students populating Cyberjaya.

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