Weird-ass Museums That You Can Find in Korea

Weird-ass Museums That You Can Find in Korea

Buckle up, ladies and gents, and maybe grab some popcorn while you’re at it, because these are some of the weirdest stuff you’ll ever see!

Buckle up, ladies and gents, and maybe grab some popcorn while you’re at it, because these are some of the weirdest stuff you’ll ever see! Okay, I don’t know what kind of things you google, but these museums are honestly pretty weird to me. Not convinced? Read on to check it out yourself! Ready or not, here we go.

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Jeju Love Land

weird museums koreaImage credit: whyyan

WARNING! NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK (NSFW)!! At the rated 18 (those below 18 please look away thanks) Jeju Love Land, where “sexually oriented art and eroctism meet”, be prepared to be greeted with no less than 140 extremely suggestive sculptures. Feast your eyes on this:

Jeju Love LandImage credit: Simons Williams-Im

Or this:

Jeju Love LandImage credit: Damara Avila

Or maybe even this?

Jeju Love LandImage credit: Steve Slep

All in all, it’d definitely make for a pretty interesting experience, I would say! Love Land opens till 12 midnight, so for all you couples looking for a fun, late night out, this is the place for you. *winks*

Mr. Toilet House or the Haewoojae Museum

Haewoojae MuseumImage credit: Express Tribune

Here’s some great advice for you: don’t come here before or after a meal. Don’t. Just, don’t.

Image credit: Rachel Nicole

A lesson for the young ‘uns, maybe? So apparently, this super interesting but dangling-on-the-verge-of-gross museum was borne out of one man’s furious desire to improve the toilet conditions of South Korea – who is also, coincidentally, the founder of the World Toilet Association! Now that’s passion.

Image credit: Jang Yongdae

Wow… Can you stomach this?

weird museums koreaImage credit: Jang Yongdae

The Thinker, reimagined. The best part? It’s totally FREE OF CHARGE. Don’t get too excited and start running all around, though, or you might just end up more pooped than you want to be!

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Treasure Island Garlic Land

Treasure Island Garlic LandImage credit: Ha Mi Young

Ward off those pesky vampires with a visit to this quirky museum! Or if, you know, you have a deep undying passion for this succulent vegetable that brings literal tears to your eyes.

Image credit: Ha Mi Young

From the history of garlic to the different types of garlic to the different uses of garlic (think: garlic jam sandwiches. Yucks!), this museum’s pretty much got it all covered.

Treasure Island Garlic LandImage credit: Ha Mi Young

Look! They’ve even got a cutesy little dragon made out of garlic! Very much worth a visit, I would say.

Seoul Museum of Chicken Art

Seoul Museum of Chicken ArtImage credit: Ginny Woo

Now before you cry fowl, I’m totally serious about this being on the list! I mean, how often is it that you get a whole museum dedicated JUST to chicken art! Pretty cool huh? Boys, it’s high time to bring your date to this cool coop a little bird told me that chicks love it.

Image credit: Jerry Michalski

From paintings with chickens that look like you’ve just ate their cousin,

Image credit: Jerry Michalski

To demon chickens to ward ‘em evil spirits off, I suppose it’d be rather interesting to see the different interpretations of this creature from all around the world! Other than, you know, being on our plate.

Jeju Glass Castle

Jeju Glass CastleImage credit: Rose Lee

Everything here is made of glass. And I really mean everything. From the waterfall to the flowerbeds to the great green beanstalk to the bookshelves filled with books… Every. Single. Thing.

Jeju Glass CastleImage credit: Star Cruises

Okay, I might have exaggerated a bit. But still! Glass dominates here, and made with love by artists all around the world, this glistening museum will be sure to bring a spark to your eyes.

Jeju Glass CastleImage credit: Grace Whang Vega

I mean, how can it not? Just look at how beautiful and delicate everything is. This gorgeous place is definitely on my must-visit list the next time I find myself in Jeju, and it should totally be on yours, too!

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Seodaemun Prison Museum

Seodaemun Prison MuseumImage credit: Alexey Matveichev

Okay, so this museum might be just a tad bit sombre and maybe just a little creepy… But great if you’re a history buff. This museum-cum-former-prison used to house Korean prisoners-of-war during WWII, a place of torture and executions carried out by the Japanese soldiers.

Seodaemun Prison MuseumImage credit: Bryan Dorrough

Warning: it can get a bit gory, especially with these life-like statues depicting actual horrors from the war, but I always feel like it’s good to just immerse yourself a bit into the bad side of history, just so we can empathise and appreciate a bit more.

Image credit: dom brassey draws comics

These age-old artifacts, combined with those nasty scenes from above, will bound to give you a pretty unforgettable experience to bring home, yes?

Tteok & Kitchen Utensils Museum

Tteok & Kitchen Utensils MuseumImage credit: Travel Trance

So… A museum just on tteok (rice cake) and Korean cutlery… Nope, not weird at all. With about 2,000 Korean utensils and rice cakes for you to marvel at though, you’ll definitely learn a thing or two about Korea’s history through it’s food!

Image credit: Lea Patch

And, come on, who doesn’t like rice cakes?! Just look at these cuties… Please just enter my stomach now.

Tteok & Kitchen Utensils MuseumImage credit: Fiona

You can even make your own rice cakes once you’re down touring the museum! YUM.

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Ice Gallery

Ice GalleryImage credit: Seoul, South Korea by

Okay, so this isn’t exactly super weird compared to the rest, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless, so here it is!

Ice Gallery

Made entirely out of ice, marvel at these gorgeous icy creations that rivals the likes of Elsa! And the ice queen herself in her natural element, of course.

Ice Gallery koreaImage credit: This is KOREA

Fancy chilling with your friend in the living room?

Image credit: Siyeon Kim

There’s even an icy slide in this place, for crying out loud! I swear I went at least 3 times when I was here, because ice + slide = the inner squealing child in you.

Impressed? Me too! Wow… If only I knew about all of these before my Korea trip… Siiiiiiigh. These are totally on my bucket list now, and it should so be on yours, too! Because hey, what’s life without a little weirdness, aye?

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