New Pokemon-Themed 7-Eleven in Taiwan A Gamer’s Paradise

New Pokemon-Themed 7-Eleven in Taiwan A Gamer’s Paradise

Who says 7-Eleven stores are only good for buying food and drinks?

Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly miss Taiwan more, a new Pokemon-themed 7-Eleven store has opened. And it sounds exactly like what it promises: every Pokemon fanatic’s dream.

Located in the Banqiao district in New Taipei City, the store is a stone’s throw away from the Fuzhong metro station. The latest 7-Eleven store revamp in Taiwan follows another Snoopy themed outlet which opened this year as well. Talk about being a store and more!

Pit your skills at the Pokemon gym

Besides being a one stop solution for all your goodies, the new pokemon 7-Eleven store in Taiwan also boasts an interior designed like a real Pokemon gym. After you’re done shopping, take a seat amongst 808 giant pictures of Pokemon characters and engage in a round or two of everyone’s favourite trading card game. The experience of battling it out in a convenience store should be a refreshing one for most of us!

Tip: Take a break from your game and look up at the ceiling, where Eternatus roots for you from above!

Games galore

For those looking for a digital gaming experience, you’re in for a treat. The new Pokemon 7-Eleven store in Taiwan also has Pokemon Ga-Ole arcade machines and a Nintendo Switch booth lined up against the wall. For a quick buck, you can play your favourite Pokemon games and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Pokemon. Sounds like a great post-work or after-school activity (just make sure you let Mom know where you’re at)!

For existing owners of Nintendo Switch, you can buy games here as well. Who says 7-Eleven stores are only good for buying food and drinks? Before leaving, don’t forget to check out the impressive selection of official Pokemon merchandise on the shelves.

Did we also mention the super adorable Pikachu cup sleeve? Having your drinks to-go has never looked so good.

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With the recent trend of themed 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan, gone are the days when going to a convenience store is all about grabbing an off-the-counter snack or a six-pack of beer. For residents of Taiwan, there’s now one more excuse to linger in a convenience store. Let’s hope our local 7-Eleven branches would also take the cue from there!

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