12 Best Spring Flower Fields Around the World & Where to Find Them

12 Spring Destinations to Spot Lovely Flowers in Bloom

Tulips, cherry blossoms, azaleas, and so much more!

With its lush greenery, warm sunshine, and moderate temperatures, spring is the ideal season to travel. After a long winter, there is nothing more invigorating than wandering through bucolic fields dressed in a fresh coat of flowers. If you’re wondering where to travel in spring, read on for the best spring destinations that’ll welcome you into a floral paradise. 

Where to find the best spring flower fields

1. Jeju Island – South Korea

spring flower fields in jeju

Image credit: 시선 via Canva Pro

While chasing cherry blossoms in South Korea, don’t forget one of its most beautiful spring destinations. Being the country’s southernmost tip, Jeju island is the first place in the Land of the Morning Calm to welcome spring. Come to the Seopjikoji area to take a stunning coastline walk among fields of yellow canola flowers. Canary-coloured spring flower fields make for an eye-popping sight when juxtaposed with the deep blue sea and white lighthouse. 

You may recognise Seopjikoji Lighthouse if you’ve watched K-dramas such as All In, Boys Over Flowers, and Orange Marmalade. This romantic lighthouse with sweeping views of Jeju’s rugged coast has fascinated filmmakers, finding its way into their works. 

Best time to go: Mid-March to early April

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2. Lake Motosu, Yamanashi Prefecture – Japan

lake motosu japan

Image credit: jiratto via Canva Pro

With a wealth of exquisite flower parks and cherry blossom spots, it is hard to decide where to travel in spring when in Japan. One place that should not be missed is Lake Motosu (Motosuko), where you can see 800, 000 shibazakura blanketing the foot of Mount Fuji

Shibazakura resembles cherry blossoms with its pink colour and five petals. However, it is a vine flower that grows on the ground, hence the Japanese term that translates to “lawn sakura.” With the snow-capped mountain in the distance and endless fields of magenta shibazakura at your feet, it’ll definitely feel like spring has arrived. 

To see different types of shibazakura, head to the Fuji Shibazakura Festival which showcases creative arrangements of this elegant flower in shades of red, pink, and purple. To get to the festival grounds, take a shuttle bus from Kawaguchiko station, which will take you there in 40 minutes. 

Best time to go: Mid-April to late May

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3. Hamamatsu Flower Park, Shizuoka Prefecture – Japan

spring flower fields

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On the edge of Lake Hamana, a rainbow haven awaits in Hamamatsu Flower Park. Spring flower fields of azaleas, hydrangeas, tulips, and roses invite visitors for a stroll. Purple wisterias hang overhead, completing the picturesque scene. 

Sakura trees bloom here in early spring, turning the whole park into a pastel-pink playground. These sakura are of the Kanzanji and Hina varieties, which were planted by the first park master and cannot be seen elsewhere in Japan. 

Best time to go: Mid-February to early March (cherry blossoms); mid-March (plum blossoms); and early April (tulips)

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4. Yeongchwisan, South Jeolla Province – South Korea

spring flower fields in korea

Image credit: july7th via Canva Pro

Yeosu’s Yeongchwisan Mountain may not be very tall, but its majestic azalea sea makes it one of the best places to visit in spring. As nature awakes from her winter slumber, these elegant pink flowers spread over the mountain, covering an area equivalent to 140 soccer fields. 

The Yeongchwisan Azalea Flower Festival celebrates the beauty of the mountain with traditional song and dance. The festival also includes rituals for the mountain god, a photo contest, and a Miss Azalea beauty pageant. 

Best time to go: April

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5. Tuscany – Italy

tuscany spring flower fields

Image credit: Philip Bird via Canva Pro

Tuscany may be beautiful all year round but it is most spectacular in spring. This is the season when countless lipstick-red poppies adorn its rolling hills, adding a pop of colour to the rustic landscape. 

One of the most popular places to catch Tuscany in full bloom is the Val d’Orcia region, which stretches from the provinces of Siena to Grosseto. The region’s spring flower fields roll over a historic landscape of medieval hilltop towns, abbeys, and castles. The region also produces delicacies such as pecorino cheese made from sheep’s milk, truffles, and extra virgin olive oil. 

Best time to go: Late April to mid-May

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6. Cordoba – Spain

Come to Cordoba in May to witness the Fiesta de Los Patios, a pretty patio contest that has enchanted people for over a hundred years. During the contest, the participants’ private patios will be open to the public for free. Painstakingly arranged with trees, flowers, and shrubs, these gorgeous patios are a labour of love. In 2023, the Fiesta de Los Patios will be held from 2 to 14 May. 

Visitors can also explore the 15th-century Palacio de Viana, which features 11 patios and a Baroque-style garden. Here, one can unwind in a verdant oasis of orange trees, geraniums, and ornamental fountains. The abundance of patios stems from an architectural style adapted to the region’s hot, dry climate. Cordoban houses traditionally centre on a patio filled with gardens and fountains to provide relief in the sweltering summer months. 

Best time to go: May 

7. Ashenbank Wood – England

ashenbank wood

Image credit: jgarland via Canva Pro

If you want to feel like a Disney princess lost in an enchanted forest, Ashenbank Wood is one of the best places to visit in spring. Covered in bluebell lawns, this whimsical forest looks straight out of a fairy tale. Located in the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it is a popular spot for viewing English bluebells. 

These lovely deep-violet flowers are a common motif in folklore, being associated with fairies and magic. According to myth, fairies lead astray those who pick bluebells, so look but don’t touch! Bluebells are protected not only by fairies but by the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981), which metes out hefty fines to those who damage these delicate flowers. 

Best time to go: Early to mid-May

8. Texas Hill Country – United States

texas bluebonnets

Image credit: Brent_1 via Canva Pro

Drive through the Texas Hill Country in April, and you’ll see rows of roadside bluebonnets stretching into the horizon. These violet blossoms signal the arrival of spring, when the Texan countryside comes alive with wildflowers, fresh produce, and festivals. 

The Willow City Loop is the ideal way to experience spring in Texas. This leisurely 21km drive winds around awe-inspiring canyons and spring flower fields that resemble an artist’s palette. Crimson poppies, golden sunflowers, hot pink phlox, white daisies, and violet bluebonnets mingle together to create an unforgettable scene. 

Best time to go: Late March to mid-April

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9. Mainau Island – Germany

mainau island

Image credit: Patrick Nouhailler

Mainau Island in Germany is also known as the Flower Island — and for good reason. Traipse around the luxuriant gardens to admire spring flower fields of azaleas, snowdrops, tulips, blue stars, and daffodils. Facing Lake Constance and the gardens, the stately Schloss Mainau (Palace Mainau) is an outstanding example of Southern German Baroque architecture. Apart from its splendid gardens and palace, Mainau Island boasts the country’s second-largest butterfly garden, as well as an Italian rose garden. 

Best time to go: Late March to June

10. Carlsbad Ranch, California – United States

carlsbad fields

Image credit: Jason Rosenberg

The flower fields of Carlsbad, California are a sight to behold in spring. Coated with the exuberant pinks, reds, and yellows of the ranunculus blossom, these fields are the perfect backdrop for your IG photos. 

A great place to view this kaleidoscopic spectacle is Carlsbad Ranch, a theme park in the city of Carlsbad, just a 30-minute drive from San Diego. The park holds 50 acres of ranunculus flowers, which you can admire on a tractor-wagon tour. Its other attractions include a giant American flag made up of red, white, and blue petunias, and a historic poinsettia display with over 20 rare varieties. 

Best time to go: Early March to late April

11. Istanbul – Turkey

turkey tulip festival

Image credit: Carmian via Canva Pro

Tulips are most commonly associated with the Netherlands, but did you know that these originally grew on the Asian steppes? The Ottoman Empire cultivated tulips in the 11th century, being one of the first civilisations to do so. Today, it is recognised as the national flower of Turkey

Unlike most festivals, the  Istanbul Tulip Festival is not confined to a specific location. Instead, millions of tulips are planted all over the city’s gardens, parks, roadsides, and roundabouts. To make the most of this tulip mania, visit Emirgan Park, where you can admire vast rainbow-coloured tulip meadows and magnificent views of the Bosphorus. Other must-visit spots include: the Blue Mosque, which sports the world’s largest tulip carpet; and Gülhane Park, which sits below the old walls of Topkapi Palace

Best time to go: April

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12. Claude Monet Gardens, Giverny – France

monet garden

Image credit: Herbert Frei via Canva Pro

In the idyllic Norman village of Giverny, you can step into an impressionist painting or two in springtime. At the Claude Monet Gardens, visitors can frolic in the spring flower fields which inspired his masterpieces. These gardens surround Monet’s former home, which has been faithfully restored and opened to the public as a museum. 

The gardens’ water lily pond will be familiar to those who have seen Monet’s Nymphea Series. The artist meticulously designed this pond with the intention of using it as a subject in his paintings. A romantic Japanese bridge arches over the pond, draped with wisterias and weeping willows. The gardens tend to get crowded in May and June, so we recommend visiting a month ahead. 

Best time to go: Late March to April

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Are these 12 destinations truly the best places to visit in spring? If you want to find out for yourself, start planning soon. The spring season only runs from March to May in the Northern Hemisphere and some flower seasons are especially short-lived. Good things may come to those who wait, but wait too long and the beautiful spring season might pass you by!

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