Korean Hairstyle and Colour: 22 Artists and Celebrities with The Best Hair

22 K-Drama and K-Pop Stars with the Best Hairstyle and Colour

These unnies and oppas are #hairgoals!

Thinking of switching up your look with a hair transformation? Well then, why not take your cue from your favourite K-drama actors and K-pop idols? Aside from their amazing complexion and cool outfits, they always seem to be sporting the most experimental Korean hairstyle and colour — and rocking ‘em, too! 

We’ve rounded up some of the best Korean hair looks you can try out. Don’t forget to save some of these as your peg for when you go to the salon!

Korean hair inspo from your favourite celebs

1. Irene Kim

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Irene Kim is the Korean-American model and blogger who helped popularise ‘unicorn hair’ in South Korea. 

In her earlier years, Irene was all about maximalism when it comes to hair colour.

Sparkly highlights? Yes please!

Although, lately she’s been sticking to just one colour. 

Here’s her most recent one: mostly jet black, save for teal streaks in front! 

2. Park Seo-joon

This Korean hairstyle is obviously not the easiest to pull off — unless, of course, you’re Park Seo-joon

Okay, this one might be more wearable for anyone…

… Or this, if you prefer something on the slightly spiky side. 

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3. Kim Da-mi

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We don’t know which we love more: the perfectly blunt bangs or the split dye

Well, of course it also looks pretty when sleek and pushed back.

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On a different note, this ethereal look also makes for great Korean hairstyle inspo! 

4. Hyun Bin


Name an actor who can wear this pushed back Korean hairstyle better… we’ll wait. 

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And yet he can also go the other way that is wavy and moppy

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5. Song Hye-kyo

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Most of us are probably used to her long and straight locks, so this bob cut is a refreshing change! 

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We don’t know which we love most: the tousled look, the soft waves, or that glittery eye makeup. 

Here’s a full-on curly kinda Korean hairstyle that gives an old-world charm. 

6. IU

This sparkly all-over look on IU is giving us so much life! Don’t you think she looks like a fairytale princess?

Tinkerbell from Peter Pan vibes — but make it fun and indigo.  

Remember when wrapped braids were a huge thing in the early ‘00s? Well, this look is making us wish for a comeback. 

7. Lee Sung-kyung

This Korean hairstyle on Lee Sung-kyung reminds us of those Japanese animé set in Europe! 

Rosey shades all over! All that’s missing is either a cherry blossom or rose garden backdrop. 

8. Ryu Jun-yeol


You know those hip baristas in third wave cafés who seem to have a signature look? That’s what Reply 1988 star Ryu Jun-yeol reminds us of. 

It also has a tousled version! 

Hair-spiration from female K-pop stars

9. Hyoyeon of SNSD

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Okay, so this unicorn hair on SNSD’s Hyoyeon was already way back. Still, don’t you think this Korean hair colour is still as dazzling?

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A close-up view from the back. Don’t you just love those calming pastel hues?

Remember when every girl used to be obsessed with crimping? This originally ’80s trend made a comeback during the mid-’00s, and yet we haven’t heard much of it since. 

Here’s a super recent one from Korean hip-hop reality show Good Girl

10. Seulgi of Red Velvet

Let’s start with Seulgi’s iconic Korean hairstyle on the equally iconic Psycho music video. 

Whereas this one is from the music video of Red Velvet’s latest song Monster.

Clearly, ash tones are where it’s at for Korean hair colour! We’re obsessed with this exact ash brown shade. (Oh, and can we please look this good too even when we’re just going out for errands?)

11. Irene of Red Velvet


Here we’ve got another look from the Psycho music video. What did we tell ya — ash tones are the way to go! 

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Irene clearly loves her eye-catching hair accessories, and we’re all for it! 

12. Wendy of Red Velvet

Blonde and lavender? A Korean hair colour combo we never knew we needed! Bonus points for the matching blazer. 

13. Sana of Twice

Anyone else still obsessed with Sana’s coral locks, around the time of Twice’s Feel Special EP? Because same. 

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Here’s her latest Korean hair colour in strawberry blonde. 

14.  Tzuyu of Twice

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Clearly, Tzuyu is giving Lana del Ray’s Met Gala 2018 look a run for its money. 

Braided headbands? Don’t mind if we do.

15. Jeongyeon of Twice

When it comes to Korean hairstyle, Jeongyeon is our fave for all things sparkly. Which do you like better: these glittery streaks

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…Or these pearl and rhinestone ornaments

16. Dahyun of Twice

Real question: Is there any Korean hair colour that Dahyun can’t rock? Let’s start with this bubblegum pink and purple ombre.

Then there was this mint green colour…

…As well as this metallic blue shade. 

And recently, this metallic purple-silver look from Twice’s More & More music video. 

17. Rosé of Blackpink

It seems like for Rosé, strawberry blondes do have more fun! While she experiments with other Korean hair colours every now and then, it’s no secret which one is her favourite. 

Although, she did switch it up for Blackpink’s new How You Like That music video. We’re digging the galactic vibe of this blue-gray-purple ombre

18. Jennie of Blackpink

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Honestly, how many people can pull off black hair with platinum blonde front streaks? Not a lot, we bet.

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Ash brown locks with textured waves and a velvet headband? Blair Waldorf and Alexa Chung would definitely approve! 

Must-try hair colours as seen on male K-pop stars

19. Kai of EXO

Kai is living proof that Billie Eilish isn’t the only artist who can rock these mean green locks. 

Golden brown hair? For autumn? Splendid. 

20. Sehun of EXO

We don’t know what we love more about Sehun’s look in the music video for EXO’s Obsession: the pink hair or the furry pink coat! 

Aside from the platinum blonde hair with purple tints, we’re also digging the poufy look (that’s probably hard to achieve). How about you?

21. RM of BTS

Whoever said guys can’t have unicorn hair obviously hasn’t met RM

22. Jimin of BTS

For those who have been BTS fans since the mid-2010s, you’ll probably remember this peachy pink ‘do on Jimin. Plus points for that fuzzy blue hoodie! 

Speaking of blue, here’s Jimin sporting metallic blue-gray locks. 

Remember their Blood Sweat & Tears music video from 2016? Well, we still can’t get over this shiny silver number. 

Bonus: BTS (as a whole)

Apart from their great songs and incredible performance skills, these boys are also known for rocking any Korean hairstyle and colour possible. It’s like they switch their look as often as they release new songs. And honestly, we can’t wait to see what’s next for their hair transformation! 


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Which of these Korean hairstyles are you excited to try out? Or are there other looks from your hallyu faves that caught your eye recently? Let us know all about it!

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