Globen SkyView Offers a Stunning Panorama of Stockholm

Globen SkyView Offers a Stunning Panorama of Stockholm

Visiting Stockholm but don’t know where to get the best unobstructed view of the city? Go to the Globen SkyView and enjoy a stunning panorama of Stockholm.

Globen SkyView

Image credits: Sören Andersson

From the country that stunned the world with its incredible hotels, comes another world-class structure that gives visitors the best unobstructed view of the city – the Globen Skyview.

Image credits: Leo-setä

The Ericsson Globe, also known as the “Globen”, is Sweden’s national arena and the largest hemispherical building in the world. Visitors may ride the SkyView gondolas that take them up the top where a breathtaking panorama of Stockholm awaits. After the 30-minute ride, visitors may eat at a restaurant, hang out at a café or go to the souvenir shop adjacent to the Globen SkyView. Holders of the Stockholm Card may ride for free if there’s an available room.

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Be sure to hit up this great attraction when you visit Stockholm, Sweden.

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