It’s A Juicy Affair: Burger King Goes Black

It’s A Juicy Affair: Burger King Goes Black

ATTENTION EARTHLINGS: future food is here. Burger King Japan is rolling out the Kuro Burger, complete with black cheese, black beef patties and black buns.

black burger japan

Burger King Japan is rolling out the “Kuro Burger”, complete with black buns, black sauce and black cheese. Customers can choose from the Kuro (Black) Pearl and Kuro (Black) Diamond burgers when they go on sale on 19 September this year.

Sink your teeth into the soft black buns smoked with bamboo charcoal, oozing with black sauce made with squid ink, onion, and garlic. The beef patty is seasoned with black pepper and the cheese apparently gets it colour from being smoked with bamboo charcoal too.

black cheese

We’ve seen the black ninja burgers in previous years but black cheese is a new first. BLACK CHEESE.

black burger japan

Yet they don’t look that bad in the promotional pictures and rather tempting…

Except we, here at TripZilla Magazine, can’t actually try this concoction. These black burgers are available only in Japan for a limited time only. For the brave souls out there, plan your trip to the land of the rising sun soon.

black hot dogThe black hot dog is now up for some serious competition with the introduction of Burger King’s latest addition to their line of black burgers.

black hot dog


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