This Rainbow Village in Indonesia Will Fulfil Your Instagram Dreams

This Rainbow Village in Indonesia Will Fulfil Your Instagram Dreams

Situated in the Indonesian city of Semarang, this Rainbow Village features 232 brightly-coloured buildings.

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Why go somewhere over the rainbow when you can just frolic in it? Aptly nicknamed the “Rainbow Village”, Kampung Pelangi, a village in South Semarang, Indonesia, has been rapidly gaining attention on social media for its vivid hues and eye-popping huts.

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Meant as an initiative to attract more tourists to the area, this striking rainbow makeover took over a month and costs approximately 300 million rupiah (US$22,500). A total of 232 buildings were transformed by the residents, builders, and even the town mayor himself.

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Even the stairs have been repainted! As you walk, you’ll find yourself in a dazzling world of technicolour with every step (geddit?).

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Other than vibrant buildings and multi-coloured flags, you’ll also find creative and quirky murals all around the village. From human-sized angel wings and pastel-coloured balloons to flashy umbrellas and scary dinosaurs, the walls are plastered with a multitude of adorable illustrations.

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Many travellers, both local and foreign alike, have started flocking to Kampung Pelangi to explore the stunning village and snap some gorgeous pictures. So the next time you head to Indonesia, consider making a trip down to the flamboyant Kampung Pelangi for a kaleidoscopic experience!  

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