New Zealand Will Impose a New Tax for Tourists in 2019

New Zealand Will Impose a New Tax for Tourists in 2019

The revenue from the tax will be channelled into infrastructure and conservation efforts.

Travellers who are hoping to sample a slice of New Zealand in future, take note:

Starting in mid-2019, New Zealand will begin imposing a tourist tax of NZ$25-35 (US$17-24) on international visitors. On top of that, price hikes for immigration fees and visas will be implemented this year in November.

Globe-trotters around the world might be sighing “oh, bummer” for the additional expenses that will be incurred, but this news comes in the wake of a tourist upsurge that the country is struggling to accommodate. Within a one-year period up until April this year, the country welcomed 3.8 million visitors – a figure that’s almost parallel to the population size of New Zealand itself. This rapid growth in tourist numbers has put a strain on the country’s infrastructure such as car parks and toilet facilities. And this impact is noticed by residents too; according to data shared by Tourism New Zealand last year, more than a third of citizens think that “international visitors put too much pressure on the country”. Despite that, there is an overall support for tourism.

The new tax, which is predicted to bring in NZ$80 million in its first year, will be channelled into infrastructure improvements as well as conservation efforts.

Australians and those from most Pacific Island forum countries will be exempt from the taxes. For other nationalities that are affected, keep in mind that this is ultimately for the benefit of travellers who will reap the rewards – whether they notice it or not – as they journey through the beautiful country.

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