This Is How A Campervan Trip in New Zealand Will Make You Feel Miniscule

This Is How A Campervan Trip in New Zealand Will Make You Feel Miniscule

After seeing these photos, you might not want to wait any longer to book your next trip to New Zealand—and not to mention rent a campervan!

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I was wooed by New Zealand in the year 2012 when I first experienced her beauty.

Since then, the images of mountains and lakes would appear ever so frequently in my mind. Pushing away all cliche wanderlust dramatisation aside, New Zealand gave me an incredible experience, one that was in stark contrast to the city life I’d constantly been engulfed in.

That life-changing trip etched in me cherished memories. I felt that if I had the opportunity to go back to New Zealand, I would take it in a heartbeat. One day, I literally woke up at 5AM because of the gnawing feeling of wanting to go somewhere. That’s how my second trip to New Zealand happened.

Having brekkie by Lake Pukaki in the campervan we rented for 10 days

Foggy skies while hiking up Roys Peak

Sunrays on the way to Mount Cook

The morning of the epiphany, I opened a word document, planned out dates, searched for the cheapest flights, checked out the cheapest accommodation and from the itinerary outline, I calculated the total amount I had to save. And save I did. I started packing my own lunch to school for months and looked for side jobs while studying.

If it’s your first time wanting to travel somewhere, take it from me: just do it. And not in some movie-like Walter Mitty kind of way, but plan for it. Make it a priority. And be willing to sacrifice a little.

Sunlight streaming in at Hooker Valley

Mountain views from the campervan

Throughout the 17 day trip, my friends and I travelled in a campervan for 10 days which was an experience I’ll never forget. We had to do everything ourselves; from charging the campervan, turning on the gas, re-filling the water source, and even the dreaded task of emptying the poop container.

Also because it was winter, we were all huddled for warmth in the confined spaces of a campervan, which sort of demanded all of us to actually interact with one another – to be absolutely present, in a way. This, for me, was one of the best takeaways from renting a campervan. You wouldn’t get such an experience if you were on some trip where there was constant Wi-Fi in the apartment with comfy beds that made you sleep till noon – which actually happened to us after the 10-day experience in the campervan.

A man allowed us to trespass his property for this shot with our campervan

Giving appreciation to New Zealand at Hooker Valley

Endless beauty on the roads

Made friends with Kevin, a French who was hitchhiking his way through New Zealand

There were too many memories made in this one trip alone, but I guess if I had to pick the most prominent one, it’d be the hike through the Rob Roy Glacier Track.

While walking by the ridges of the track, the rivers of blood in my cheeks and hands juxtaposed the gushing torrents. As the track elevated, the level of pain in my calves followed closely. Pushing ourselves, we reached the end. But because of bad time management, we were heading back by sunset and darkness trailed through.

Obviously, there was a little fear, especially without proper equipment (thank god for the flashlight function on our phones), but at each rocky platform without canopies shrouding our heads, we experienced something much more larger than our aching legs or weary steps – the Milky Way. For a person growing up in a metropolis, it’s so rare to even see more than ten stars. While gawking at the stars, gratitude – and strangely, unworth – surged my being.

The Milky Way

Velvety skies on the way to Christchurch

Breaking boundaries at Lake Tekapo

Being enveloped in nature makes you feel so small and I think that’s the best feeling in the world. Sometimes we get too trapped in our ‘me-centric’ world, it’s nice to step out of it.

Hiking through Mueller Glacier Lake

Silently witnessing Lake Tekapo

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And just as I’ve experienced smallness, I hope you encounter much larger things than yourself in whatever’s ahead.

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