All Aboard: New Europe Train Route Set to Launch in 2025!

All Aboard: New Europe Train Route Set to Launch in 2025!

Europe is calling your name!

All aboard European travellers! There’s a new Europe train route in the works, and it promises to make exploring the continent more affordable than ever. Get ready for GoVolta, the Dutch company aiming to be the “easyJet of the rails.”

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What you need to know about this new Europe train route

New Europe Train Route

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Launching in May 2025, GoVolta will offer a range of budget-friendly routes connecting some of Europe’s most exciting cities. While you won’t be zooming around at high speeds, the slower pace translates to significant savings.

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Here’s a sneak peek at GoVolta’s initial routes:

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  • Daily service between Amsterdam and Berlin
  • Daily service between Amsterdam and Copenhagen
  • Three times a week service between Amsterdam and Basel (Switzerland)
  • Paris will have to wait a bit longer, with routes postponed to at least 2026. But with these initial offerings, you can easily create exciting itineraries without breaking the bank.

So, how cheap are we talking? Imagine snagging a standard second-class seat for less than €10 (∼S$17.02)! That’s a whopping 70% less than what you might pay for a similar journey on a high-speed train. And to sweeten the deal, GoVolta has even increased the number of budget seats available on each train, going from 55 to 110.

While the slower speeds mean slightly longer travel times (think eight hours for Amsterdam to Berlin compared to Deutsche Bahn‘s 6 hours), the cost savings are undeniable. This is a fantastic option for budget-conscious travellers who want to soak in the scenery and enjoy a slower travel pace.

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Ticket sales are expected to launch in October 2024, so mark your calendars to experience the new Europe train route! With GoVolta, exploring Europe by train is about to become a much more affordable option.

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