Top 7 Things to Do on Redang Island

Top 7 Things to Do on Redang Island

The very definition of a tropical paradise, Redang Island offers a plethora of activities whether you’d like to get active or slow things down a notch.

What do you get when you combine lush, tropical wilderness with palm-fringed beaches and beautiful coral reefs?

Located on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Redang is in the marine protected area known as the Terengganu Marine Park. While smaller islands surround the vicinity, Redang is a top choice for tourists and locals alike due to the diverse selection of activities and facilities that can be found here. It’s a delicate cross between a colourful nature reserve and a commercial holiday hub.

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Here are just a few of the many things to do at Redang Island and why everyone should consider dropping by at least once.

1. Explore the island through trekking

This is one of the few islands in Malaysia where the opportunities for trekking may match or for some people, even beat the water activities available. That’s because Redang offers a huge ecosystem of amazing wildlife throughout its many areas. From domestic animals to giant lizards, colourful birds, monkeys and unique plants, trekkers and adventure seekers can absolutely fall in love with the wilderness. The path from Jalan Pasir Panjang village will lead you straight to wildlife and rare plants and there’s another track from Pasir Panjang to Teluk Dalam for those looking for a little more challenge.

2. Dive into the deep blue sea

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Like many other islands across Malaysia, scuba diving is a common activity among visitors to Redang. There is a thriving community of deep diving enthusiasts that enjoy a vast range of diver exploration adventures, events, and facilities that are established in the holiday hotspot. Sites like Tanjung Tokong and Tanjung Lang are some of the most popular diving spots in the world. A single dive can cost around RM90 while extra clothing is usually charged according to diving requirements.

3. Go on a snorkelling trip

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Maybe you find the idea of a super deep dive into the blue unknown a little intimidating. If so, consider snorkelling! It’s a little more on the surface and perfect for those just wanting to explore coral reefs and marine life amidst clear waters. Regular rates for snorkelling can be around RM90 and include essential safety gear or additional equipment required for the activity.

4. Visit the Marine Park Centre

The Marine Park Centre sits on Pulau Pinang – one of the many tiny islands that make up Redang – as a facility under the Malaysian marine development program and serves as a research centre. Of course, the Marine Park is also open to visitors and offers snorkelling activities that let you observe life underwater.

5. Enjoy the local food

Malaysia is a long-time contender when it comes to having some of the best-loved culinary delights in the world. It’s probably no surprise then that the food you can find in one of the country’s most popular islands can be seriously off the hook. Redang has rows of shops scattered across the holiday hotspot and you can find authentic Malay food choices and delicious local cuisine. The Redang Laguna Food Court offers diversity in the meals they prepare along with affordability for those on a tight budget. The most popular dish on Redang Island is the curry fish head, which can feed up to two people in a single serving and can be priced as little as RM10.

6. Pamper yourself at the spa

Redang has, for some time now, been known for its extensive luxury beach resort scene. Here, you can find relaxing spa packages for guests and whether you’re on your honeymoon or just looking for a good old massage, you can choose from the many quality treatment stations available. The two most popular spas among tourists are the Taaras Beach and Spa Resort as well as the Sari Pacifica Resort and Spa.

7. Catch the sunset and sunrise

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What’s one of the most romantic scenes you can think of? Walking hand-in-hand with your significant other, barefoot along the sandy shores of a glittering beach as the sun sets, casting a glorious orange glow across the ocean? Here, you get a sky that is almost always clear and a sun that can set just the right mood for you whether it’s rising or setting. Be greeted by a magnificent cool breeze and the songs of island birds in the morning or watch the day’s warm embrace slowly peel away below the skyline. Now, how’s that for a picture?

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