10 Thrilling Roller Coasters Around the World for Adrenaline Junkies

10 Thrilling Roller Coasters Around the World That Adrenaline Junkies Can’t Miss

The most thrilling and challenging roller coasters to spike your adrenaline.

Calling all roller coaster enthusiasts! If you haven’t yet experienced a roller coaster ride that gave you enough of an adrenaline rush, stay tuned. This article highlights ten thrilling roller coasters around the world, including some of the tallest, fastest, and scariest roller coasters. These rides should be avoided by the fainthearted, but for adrenaline junkies, we think you’ll have an unforgettable experience on these exciting roller coasters. Are you ready?

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Thrilling roller coasters around the world perfect for adrenaline junkies

1. Takabisha, Japan

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Image credit: Dick Thomas Johnson | Flickr

Located in Japan’s Fuji-Q Highland amusement park, the Takabisha roller coaster promises a “most horrible experience” no matter where you sit. Its maximum angle of descent is a whopping 121 degrees and includes seven violent rotations. Additionally, because the amusement park is located near Fuji Five Lakes at the foot of Mount Fuji, you can enjoy a spectacular view while zooming through the air — if you can open your eyes! 

2. Millennium Force, USA

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Image credit: Cedar Point | Official Website

Located in the Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio, the United States of America (USA), the Millennium Force is not just any ordinary roller coaster. This beast of a roller coaster broke multiple records upon its opening in 2000, and was the first classified “giga-coaster”, which refers to a roller coaster with a drop of 300ft (91m) or more. The Millennium Force takes riders on a scenic and breathtaking ride through tunnels, over hills, and across lagoons at a maximum speed of 150kmh. Boasting a maximum height of 94m, this roller coaster is consistently rated as one of the world’s best steel roller coasters.

3. Gravity Max, Taiwan

Image credit: Lihpao Resort | Official Website

Roller coaster junkies seeking a massive dose of g-force should try the Gravity Max roller coaster, the world’s first tilting roller coaster. Located in Taiwan’s Lihpao Land theme park in the city of Taichung, it’s probably one of the scariest roller coasters you can try. The Gravity Max brings riders to a halt before tilting forward at a jaw-dropping 90-degree angle, leaving riders hanging in the balance before plunging downward. This ride even includes a 360-degree loop. For a breathtaking experience (literally), ride on the Gravity Max if you dare!

4. X2, USA

Image credit: Jeremy Thompson | Flickr

Looking for thrilling and unique roller coasters? You’ve got to try the X2 roller coaster, which features 360-degree rotating seats, “raven turns” (half loops), and head-first, face-down drops. Located in the Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park in California, USA, this ride is no ordinary roller coaster. Be forewarned: you’ll experience thrilling plunges, flips and twists up to a speed of 122kmh and a height of 60m, while having your body flipped 360 degrees repeatedly. This is easily one of the scariest roller coasters out there. If you’re quite literally ready to be spun into another dimension, which the X2 promises to do, this roller coaster will be an exciting challenge for you! 

5. Capitol Bullet Train, UAE

Image credit: Jeremy Thompson | Flickr

Fans of the famous trilogy and movie series The Hunger Games should add the Capitol Bullet Train to their itinerary of thrilling roller coasters! Located in the MOTIONGATE theme park in Dubai, the UAE, this exciting 360-degree, half-pipe roller coaster whizzes riders from District 12 straight to the Capitol. So, are you ready to enjoy some adrenaline-inducing loops and a backward lunge on this ride?

6. Fury 325, USA

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Image credit: Carowinds | Official Website

Located in the Carowinds theme park in North Carolina, USA, Fury 325 is a turbulent roller coaster that takes its inspiration from the movement of an angry hornet chasing its target. Brace yourself — you’ll be zooming around at a maximum speed of 153kmh and reach a peak height of 99m. You’ll also be put through a 58m-tall barrel turn, a high-speed S-curve, and an 81-degree drop. What’s more, Fury 325 runs on a lengthy track that stretches over two kilometres and crosses the state lines of North and South Carolina! How cool is that? This is one of the most thrilling roller coasters to try if you’re confident that you can survive three and a half minutes of extreme sport.

7. Kingda Ka, USA

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Image credit: Dusso Janladde | Wikimedia Commons

Located in the Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park in New Jersey, USA, Kingda Ka is another of the world’s scariest roller coasters. It is the tallest roller coaster in the world and the fastest roller coaster in North America. Kingda Ka has a U-shaped track that shoots up 140 metres into the sky, which is equivalent to about 45 storeys! And under four seconds, riders will hit a whopping speed of 206kmh. Furthermore, this ride includes a 270-degree spiral and a 39-metre camel hump. You might not even have time to scream on this whirlwind of a roller coaster ride!

8. Arctic Blast, Hong Kong

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Image credit: Jeremy Thompson | Flickr

Looking for thrilling roller coasters that are exciting, yet not too overwhelming for your young children? Check out the family-friendly Arctic Blast roller coaster, located in Hong Kong’s Ocean Park! This roller coaster takes riders on a fun sleigh ride across a snowscape-themed wonderland. Children who are at least four years old and one metre tall are permitted to ride the Arctic Blast with a guardian. 

9. Timber Drop, France

Image credit: Fraispertuis City | Official Website

If you’re travelling to Europe, add the Timber Drop to your itinerary of fun roller coasters to try there! Located in the Fraispertuis City amusement park in Jeanménil, France, the Timber Drop roller coaster features a stomach-flipping first drop at an angle of 113 degrees. This is the steepest drop across roller coasters you can find in Europe! So, be prepared to be flipped upside down several times and hit a maximum speed of 66kmh on this ride. 

10. T-Express, South Korea

Image credit: Jeremy Thompson | Flickr

The final item in our pick of thrilling roller coasters around the world is a massive wooden roller coaster called the T-Express. Located in the Everland theme park in Yongin, South Korea, this engineering marvel is famous for its 56 metre-high first drop that plunges riders downward at a maximum speed of 104kmh. This is roughly equivalent to plunging down the height of the Niagara Falls! For a grand total of 12 times, riders will experience airtime, which is the state of weightlessness in which one temporarily hangs in the air. While ascending to the peak of the roller coaster, you can enjoy a gorgeous view of Everland and its beautiful scenery, if you dare to look!  

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So, this article has introduced ten thrilling roller coasters around the world. Try them if you’re ready to experience a rush of adrenaline!

Please note that height, weight, and other safety-related restrictions apply to the rides mentioned above. 

Featured image credit: Fernando Cortes via Canva Pro

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