New High-Speed Trains Make Travelling Across Spain Much Easier

New High-Speed Trains Make Travelling Across Spain Much Easier

The Mediterranean weather and delicious local delicacies are at your fingertips.

Europe is a great travel destination as visitors can easily hop between countries that have storied histories and vibrant cultures. As one of the most popular European destinations, Spain has her fair share of architecture, cuisine, and culture. With the inception of new high-speed trains, travelling across the country has never been easier. 

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Spain has created a new high-speed train route that connects Madrid to the picturesque city of Murcia in the southeast. The national passenger railway company Renfe launched this route on 20 Dec 2022 with 30,000 introductory tickets priced from €19. 

After the base price tickets sell out, standard tickets range from €19 to €90 depending on how far you book in advance. Click here to check out the full train schedule and the various tickets on offer. 

This Madrid-Murcia route marks the completion of a rail project that began over 20 years ago. The government has even completed drawing up future projects and more connections across the country.

What do high-speed trains mean for travel within Spain?

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After China, Spain now has the second largest high-speed rail network that offers greater alternatives to passengers. With trains that can run up to speeds of 290 km/h, journeys are much faster. Usually over four hours long, the trip between Madrid and Murcia now requires less than three hours. 

Also, the expansion of high-speed routes creates more affordable options and increases the convenience of rail travel. Another high-speed train route was launched in November 2022 between the two largest cities of the country, Madrid and Barcelona. With multiple operators serving this route, passengers saw a drop in ticket fares from €81 to €46 per seat.

What does this mean for Europe?

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Spain, Italy, and Switzerland have all announced new train routes, so get ready for a major expansion in connectivity. With convenience on one hand and climate concerns on the other, rail companies are keen to increase Europe’s high-speed network. This could even mean that trains between major European centres like London, Paris, and Rome might become faster than flights (step aside Ryanair).

As high-speed trains run on electricity, we’re talking about a more environmentally-friendly option than diesel trains and planes. With Europe focused on reducing carbon emissions, high-speed rail projects across the continent are set to ramp up.

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For travellers, this will make exploring Europe much easier than ever. With greater and cheaper options, your trip across Europe becomes all the more possible!

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