Missing Japan? Bring Yourself Back with a Trip to Singapore’s First Ever Japan Rail Cafe

Missing Japan? Bring Yourself Back with a Trip to Singapore’s First Ever Japan Rail Cafe

Missing your days in Japan? Jump right back with a visit to the Japan Rail Cafe opening in early November!

Are you one of those people sitting by their windows and sighing as they reminisce the days they were wandering around Japan? Or are you one of those yearning for their first step into the Land of the Rising Sun?

I completely understand. Here’s some good news then: why don’t you get a little taste of what you miss right here in sunny Singapore?

japan rail cafeImage credit: Japan Rail Cafe

Say whaaat? Yup, that’s right. Set to open in early November, East Japan Railway (JR East) will soon have a café right in the heart of Tanjong Pagar! And what’s amazing about it is that you can buy your rail passes right there! Talk about quirkiness and convenience.

Japan Rail Cafe singaporeImage credit: Japan Rail Cafe

I don’t know about you, but I sure am excited for this first ever Japan Rail Café in Singapore!

If you’re pining after some hearty Japanese food, you’re going to be ecstatic, because its menu will be updated every month to reflect the latest recipes from JR East’s restaurants in Tokyo! Get that souvenir you missed while you’re at it, because this café will also be stocked with Japanese collectables and items for you to keep.

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This cafe is meant to promote a trip to unique places other than Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. Surely, there’s more to Japan than these three, so take this opportunity to explore and learn more about the country in a totally different way.


Take this as a sign, my friends. Whether you’ve been to Japan before or not, the universe is calling out for you to step foot onto this wondrous country, and you’ll be mad not to heed that call. Get those planners out, because it’s time to get going!

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