National Gallery's Rotunda Library Awaits Your Discovery

Discover This Hidden Library in the National Gallery Singapore

Over 200,000 collections for you to choose from!

The Supreme Court Wing at Singapore’s National Gallery houses an exquisite, exclusive archive of collections dating back to as early as the 19th century. The Rotunda Library & Archive collection sits on Level 4M and 3M, where its columns and ceilings in a circular fashion give off extremely classy vibes.

This collection encourages visitors to explore beyond the artworks by seeking additional information from published references and primary archival sources available at the Rotunda. In addition, the role of the Rotunda Library & Archive is to support the Gallery’s curatorial vision of presenting and reflexively (re)writing the art histories of Singapore and Southeast Asia, and to examine these art histories in relation to the global history of art. 

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Legacy of National Gallery and Singapore Art Museum

The Rotunda Library & Archive’s collection contains approximately 20,000 physical and digital items. Through donations, partnerships and regular library exchanges with institutions in the region and beyond, the library is able to collect exhibition catalogues that may not be extensively distributed or made readily available to the public. 

Researchers from around the world can also delve into the National Museum’s digitalised materials which are available online. 

Accessing the Rotunda Library & Archive collections

The library is open for walk-in visitors and no prior appointments or admission tickets are required. 

However, in light of COVID-19 regulations, users who want to consult references and archival materials in its collection are encouraged to write to [email protected] in advance.

Facilities are not meant to be used for personal studying, sleeping or entertainment. 

People hungry for knowledge and digging into Southeast Asia’s rich history will certainly find this Rotunda Library at Singapore’s National Gallery a treat. Be sure to keep your distance from each other while soaking in the ambience of this Harry Potter-esque library!


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