The Best Things to Do in Singapore, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Things to Do in Singapore, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Thinking of fun places to visit in Singapore? Fret not — let your zodiac sign serve as your go-to guide to the best things to do in Singapore.

The Lion City may be a little red dot on the world’s map, but we can attest that there are many things to do in Singapore — some you may not have even heard of before! What Singapore lacks in land area, it makes up for in a multitude of unique offerings. What awaits to be uncovered in Singapore? Fun places to track down, free things to do, indoor activities for kids and kids-at-heart, and new restaurants to try; you name it, Singapore has it!

Our Little Red Dot surely fires up the imagination of travellers and locals alike. Why not let fate take the wheel and steer you towards a Singapore adventure based on your zodiac sign? Your zodiac sign may help unveil vital elements about your personality that can point you in the right direction!

We list down a couple of refreshing things to do in Singapore, as written in the stars! Come along and discover them with an open mind. 

Rat (observant, optimistic, and patient): be one with nature in the heart of the city

locals hiking the trail at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Relish in the sights and sounds of nature at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve | Image credit: Visit Singapore Official Website

Let’s start off with one of the most worthwhile yet free things to do in Singapore: soaking in the serenity of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. It’s a sprawling park spanning 163 hectares with various hiking trails suitable for all fitness levels, making it a kid-friendly activity. The entrance to the park is free of charge; plus, the hiking site is easily accessible from Bukit Timah Shopping Centre.

It’s also home to an abundance of flora and fauna that’s sure to interest lovers of the great outdoors. We can’t help but stop in our tracks every now and then to acquaint ourselves with the amazing biodiversity of the place.

Tip: Make sure to strap on a comfortable pair of shoes for longer exploration. Bring tumblers and drinking bottles filled with water so you can keep yourself hydrated! For extra energy along the trails, keeping a protein or granola bar comes in handy. Gummy candy is a great option for quick snacking, too!

Did we mention that Bukit Timah Nature Reserve also houses the highest hill in Singapore? Challenge yourself to reach the summit and be rewarded with unrivalled views of the city. The journey will certainly stretch your patience and require careful planning, but it’s well-worth every rigorous step. We promise!

Ox (earnest, resolute, and prudent): conquer new heights at this indoor attraction in Singapore

range of walls at Clip ‘n Climb

Put your endurance to test as you ascend the colourful walls at Clip ‘n Climb | Image credit: HomeTeamNS Official Website

Looking for fun places in Singapore? Reach new heights at Clip ‘n Climb! The facility boasts a range of climbing walls that are sure to get your heart pumping and your mind 100% focused. Take on 19 unique wall configurations decked out in the most eye-catching colours. Don’t be fooled by the quirkiness of the place; every imposing vertical wall certainly presents a different challenge. You’ll find yourself strategising through the courses as we did!

Of course, we expect parents to get queasy at the thought of their little ones getting near any of the walls at Clip ‘n Climb. Let us assure you that its facilities are safe even for children as young as four years old, thanks to the fuss-free belaying system.

Plus, the friendly staff will teach you the ropes (quite literally), including how to ensure a slow and controlled descent. We found ourselves relishing the sweet sound of victory at the end of our arduous climb — hitting the buzzer at the summit of the wall was a spectacular feat!

Tip: Avoid looking down during your ascent! If you suffer from a fear of heights, this is the perfect place to visit in Singapore where you can safely but surely overcome your phobia indoors.

Tiger (brave, confident, and energetic): glide across Singapore’s only Olympic-sized skating rink

ice skating at The Rink

Take to The Rink and indulge in a quintessential winter pastime. | Image credit: The Rink Official Facebook Page

Amid sweltering weather, ice skating is a fun indoor activity in Singapore if you need a respite from the heat! The Rink bills itself as Singapore’s only Olympic-sized ice skating rink. Lace up your skates and strut around the expanse of icy ground, surrounded by a 460-seat gallery. Conveniently enough, all this is found inside the shopping centre JCube Mall. If you can take to the sheet of ice as graciously as a top figure-skater, you may just catch the eyes of onlookers — and be the star of the show. 

Tip: The Rink has a birthday promotion you don’t want to miss; one paying skater admits one free birthday baby of the same month!

If you aren’t a pro skater, you can still enjoy a spin around The Rink. Simply rent the skating aid to help you balance. They come in really cute characters, mind you. We felt a bit paiseh at first to rely on the equipment but realised it helped with our footwork and made us more confident in the long run. If you haven’t tried ice skating, then let us be the first to tell you that confidence is key!

Or better still, master the art of skating through The Rink’s Learn-to-Skate program. You can pick up skills to skate leisurely or skate at a competitive level. Just a heads up, The Rink only opens to the public on certain days. So, make sure to check the public ice skating schedule before your visit.

Rabbit (gentle, compassionate, and skillful): volunteer your time to help underprivileged Singaporeans

It has been said that giving time to help our community is an experience that you can’t put a price on. We couldn’t agree more! Make a difference in someone’s life by volunteering at Willing Hearts. It’s a non-profit organisation mostly run by volunteers with a mission to provide about 9,500 daily meals to underprivileged Singaporeans across the country. 

Good news, they are always on the lookout for kind-hearted individuals (and groups!) who would like to lend a hand. With many mouths to feed, you can expect to carry out a range of tasks. From chopping the ingredients to packing lunch boxes and cleaning up afterwards, you may be worn to a frazzle but you’ll certainly feel a greater sense of purpose.

Of all the things to do in Singapore, this may be your most selfless option! You can check for availability to volunteer at the soup kitchen on its online portal. It’s a speedy process and you can be on your way to doing something noble in no time. 

Dragon (vigorous, ambitious, and fearless): zoom past a lush jungle in Singapore’s most popular holiday spot

zipline at Mega Adventure

Push yourself to the limit with this epic zipline experience at Sentosa | Image credit: Sentosa Official Website

We all know that Sentosa is home to resplendent tropical landscapes; what better way to take them all in than from a bird’s-eye view? Hoist yourself on a sturdy cable suspended 75 metres above ground at Mega Adventure. Once it’s time for release, you’ll soar like an eagle across the zip line at an exhilarating speed of 60kph. Trust us, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to admire the lush foliage, stretches of glistening white sand, and azure waters. Just make sure to keep your eyes open!

You may opt to enjoy this adrenaline-fuelled activity with all your dauntless Dragon friends, thanks to side-by-side cables. We got a kick out of it seeing the photos afterwards — just a few silly friends literally hanging out.

Tip: Don’t wear flip-flops, unless you want them flying into the wilderness. Make sure to don secure footwear. Or better yet, go barefoot.

Snake (sophisticated, mystical, and graceful): marvel at the country’s impressive art collection

National Gallery Singapore

The National Gallery Singapore holds the world’s largest public collection of Singaporean and Southeast Asian modern art. | Image credit: Visit Singapore Official Website

The National Gallery Singapore showcases an incredible collection of 8,000 modern art pieces from Singapore and Southeast Asia. By admiring the works dating back from the 19th century to the present day, you can pay attention to how art has changed with the times. What intrigued us most is the fact that the gallery is housed in two iconic buildings that bear testament to Singapore’s storied past — the City Hall and the former Supreme Court, a few of the must-visit places in Singapore. 

Tip: Before we embarked on our heritage tour, we downloaded the Gallery Explorer app available on both the App Store and Google Play. It provides insights about the objects and exhibits on display with a simple scan of a QR code. This helped us engage better with the exhibits while allowing room for our own interpretations.

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Horse (independent, romantic, and cheerful): check out this new restaurant in Singapore

interior of Moonbow

The new kid on the block, MOONBOW, is a must-try for fans of European cuisine. | Image credit: Dempsey Hill Official Website

Nestled in the exuberant enclave of Dempsey is MOONBOW. This new restaurant in Singapore reinterprets modern European cuisine with an Asian flair. You can expect to luxuriate in the ambience as you tuck into a sumptuous repast with touches of leather, marble, and gold vivifying the intimate space.

We enjoyed the array of lip-smacking cuisines assembled by Chef Herman Tan — a chef, athlete, and ceramicist whose life story has inspired Singaporeans all over. That said, take time to admire the handmade ceramic plates MOONBOW uses to get a grasp of the chef’s love affair with ceramics. But do not let that steal the show!

Savour MOONBOW’s signature medley of flavours through its house specialities such as the Black Silkie Poulet and Champignon Cod De Filet. Try the set dinner menu to get a taste of a variety of favourites, if you’re having a hard time settling on a single dish. Are you more of a brunch person? We recommend treating yourself to classics such as Moonbow Avocado Egg Benedict and The Big English Breakfast every Monday to Friday from 11.30am to 2.30pm, and every Saturday and Sunday from 10.00am to 2.30pm.

Sheep (innovative, selfless, and resilient): explore your creative side with talented locals

resin art workshop at Resin Play

Make your own beautiful resin design at Resin Play. | Image credit: Resin Play Official Facebook Page

Steer away from the usual art jamming sessions and try your hand at a unique craft hobby instead. We’re talking about a resin art workshop hosted by Resin Play, a quaint studio nestled along the eclectic Beach Road. The craft studio is among Singapore’s must-visit places, where you can grab quality supplies for resin creations and even study to mold the material into anything you desire!

If you’re searching for a fun activity for children, you’ll be glad to know that Resin Play hosts a plethora of resin workshops from terrazzo making to resin art pouring. That’s resin art 101 for creatives of all ages! Needless to say, it’s an unconventional kids-friendly activity in Singapore that is sure to get your little one’s creative juices flowing.

We went for the resin art pouring workshop and had to choose from three projects: resin art on canvas, resin art on coasters, or resin galaxy art on coasters. You’ll get hands-on experience working with the versatile material, mixing a variety of colours, and using the different pigments to create a unique resin pour. The best part? You’ll get to take your masterpiece home. May it serve as inspiration for more creative pursuits!

Monkey (witty, curious, and intelligent): challenge yourself with mind-boggling games

board games at The Mind Café

The Mind Café has a gamut of board games for all you smart ‘monkeys’ out there. | Image credit: The Mind Café Official Website

Gather your group of monkey friends and pit your wits against each other at The Mind Café. The cosy space, conveniently located at Dhoby Ghaut, is a board game haven. Imagine the likes of Monopoly, Rummikub, Cards Against Humanity, and Word Slam — it’s a childhood fantasy come alive. With over 500 game titles, you can increase your brain function and indulge in an enjoyable pastime for just S$5 per hour, per person. 

Tip: If you’re a student, enjoy unlimited hours of gaming with free-flowing drinks and snacks from MondayThursday, at S$13.90 per person.

If you can’t choose from the wide selection of games, simply approach the game masters. We thoroughly enjoyed the recommendations provided by the helpful staff. Feeling peckish while putting on your thinking cap? You can refuel with light bites from their in-house menu. All in all, we had a whale of a time filled with light-hearted bickering and laughter while bonding over this indoor activity in Singapore.  

Rooster (honest, independent, and warm-hearted): wind down amid Singapore’s stunning scenery

rooftop of Marina Barrage

Have a relaxing day at Marina Barrage with the breathtaking Singapore skyline serving as your backdrop. | Image credit: Visit Singapore Official Website

Singapore has made its mark as the greenest city in Asia, and there is no shortage of green spaces dotting it. Think of the likes of city parks, nature reserves, and botanical gardens. One thing you must do in the Lion City is to enjoy a picnic amid the open air. For that, Marina Barrage certainly comes to mind. From the sweeping lawn, you can take in unparalleled views of Singapore’s skyline, including the iconic Marina Bay Sands and Singapore Flyer

Bring your own kite and fly it up high in the sky. The strong gusts of wind will ensure your kite soars in no time. Or simply lay back with the sun on your face; we all need to slow down every now and then.

Tip: As the Marina Barrage teems with life on weekends, we suggest making a beeline for this hot picnic spot as early as you can. That way, you won’t have to scamper for space and can bask in nature while enjoying a great view. If you’re planning to get there by train, bear in mind that it’s quite a walk from Bayfront MRT. You can rejoice over the fact that entrance is free, though. 

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Dog (loyal, amiable, and courageous): brave other realms through virtual reality

Virtual Reality game at HEADROCK VR

Experience incredibly surreal virtual reality at HEADROCK VR. | Image credit: HEADROCK VR Singapore Official Facebook Page

Imagine slaying flesh-eating zombies to survive an apocalypse, getting out alive of a haunted house, or jumping across skyscrapers in an urbanscape. You can live out all these outrageous scenarios as close to reality as possible at HEADROCK VR. The first-of-its-kind theme park at Sentosa, HEADROCK VR employs cutting-edge technology to create a simulated environment that’ll make you feel as though you’re immersed in unreal scenarios.

There are 11 attractions grouped according to intensity across three zones, all offering a different kind of thrill. For sure, this is high up on our list of fun things to do in Singapore! We especially enjoyed the jungle rafting ride located in the orange zone. It’s not often that you get to butt heads with dinosaurs as you course down a steep river. Be prepared for the occasional splashes of water and strong gusts of wind, though.

Tip: Keep a lookout for their ongoing promotions to enjoy unbeatable prices. 

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Pig (diligent, generous, and easygoing): take in Singapore’s skyline from a bird’s eye view

romantic dinner in the Singapore Flyer

Fun fact: Singapore Flyer is the largest giant observation wheel in Asia. | Image credit: Singapore Flyer Official Website

Singapore’s tourist postcards never fail to feature the Singapore Flyer. After all, it is prominent among all the engineering feats that dot our city. Not only does it bedazzle our skyline; it also offers unbeatable panoramic views of the Lion City from a high vantage point. Hop on the fully air-conditioned capsule as it elevates 165 metres above ground, treating you to mesmerising vistas of Singapore and neighbouring countries. 

You can admire a plethora of landmarks such as Marina Bay, Raffles Place, and Merlion Park. We found ourselves snapping away upon our ascent, so don’t forget to bring your cameras! If you’re feeling indulgent, you can opt for the Singapore Flyer Sky Dining. Tuck into a four-course meal, while watching Singapore’s dynamic skyline come alive at sundown.

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With all of these things to do in Singapore, you’ll come to see that playing tourist in your own backyard can be a refreshing experience. Plus, exploring our Little Red Dot amidst these never-ending travel restrictions will help us quench our wanderlust as we wait for international travel to resume. 

Lastly, don’t forget to share this article with all your zodiac-believing buddies! The best part is, you’re bound to mix and match these exciting activities and places to visit in Singapore at some point. Have fun!

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