Hello Kitty Cafe: 9 Signs a Man Truly Loves You

Hello Kitty Cafe: 9 Signs a Man Truly Loves You

Check if your man passes the ultimate boyfriend test at the cutest place ever in Singapore.

So the Hello Kitty Cafe opened on May 12, 2016, i.e. it’s time to join the rest of the squealing girls (and their groaning boyfriends) at the CUTEST PLACE EVER in Singapore! It’s also the best time, in our opinion, to put that man to the test. He tells you he loves you and will do anything for you. Well, let’s just see how much he does!

Here’re 9 Things a Man will do for a Girl He Truly Loves.

1. Join the Queue like a True Trooper!

hello kitty cafe singaporeImage credit: 365days2play

It already took 10 years to get to Changi Airport, now he’s got to brave the aunties, their kiddos and all the yakking women?

If he stands through it all with zero sulking, he’s a keeper. I mean, he should, no? Besides, every moment spent together should be a treasured memory… no?

2. “Baby you queue first, I go have a look around okay.”

hello kitty cafeImage credit: Changi Airport Facebook

I mean, standing in those heels are definitely going to hurt. If your man is gracious enough to stand in the line while letting you try to peek through the cat-shaped window – despite knowing full well that you’re going to spend half your life documenting everything down anyway – enough said.

3. He Gladly Takes a Ga-Zillion Photos of You and Kitty because DUH, you HAVE to

Image credit: Instagram @hellokittycafesingapore

Even when faced with judgey eyes from passers-by and being surrounded by pink and bows, he still gladly accedes to your 50th request to taking yet another photo with the oh-too-cute-not-to-take-a-picture kitty.

Psst… guys, a tip: Even when you’ve been telling her she look the most beautiful for the past 15 minutes and after taking the 25th picture of her with the Hello Kitty, she is still NOT convinced. Just, keep telling her that. There’s no other way out bro.

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4. He Allows You to Order EVERYTHING on the Menu

Image credit: Changi Airport Facebook

This one looks cute. That one’s recommended. See, a lot of people have ordered that one, it must be good! Wahhh I’m dying for that one! Jessica has that one on her Instagram, she said it’s a must-try! @#$%^&

Guys, see default answer: “Whatever you like darling.”

5. Hands-off, picture first!

Image credit: Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Singapore

Image credit: Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Singapore

After 2 hours and 14 minutes of queueing up, 23 minutes of staring at the menu, 34 minutes of taking picturessssssssssssssssssssssssss (and still counting), the perfect gentleman will gladly put aside his DYING HUNGER for the love of his life to take the perfect picture.

“Ehhh you move a bit, you’re blocking the light!”

6. He Shares Dessert with You So You Can Try More!

Image credit: Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Singapore

The desserts are just waayyy too pretty for us not to try ALL! And being the small-eater you are, you can’t have them all by yourself. In swoops that night in shining armour, to save you from this dessert disaster. Awww, you swell fella you.

Image credit: Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Singapore

7. He Allows you to Buy ALL THE MERCHANDISE

Image credit: Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Singapore

A good boyfriend would NEVER try to stop a girl when she’s on her shopping spree. And don’t judge her taste. Hello Kitty is cute on everything, for sure.

Image credit: Changi Airport Facebook

Just look at that PLUSH!

8. He Carries All Your Hello Kitty Merchandise Back Home For You – LIKE A STUD

Image credit: MIKI Yoshihito

Because a true gallant boyfriend would.

9. He’d Go Again

Image credit: Instagram @hellokittycafesingapore

“This place is sooooo cute and I’m so happy today! We will come again next time okay?


Guys, you tell yourself not to fall into the trap again, not EVER. But you know you WILL bring her to the Hello Kitty Cafe whenever she asks, even if it means to go through 1 to 8 all over again. Afterall, all regrets turn out to be no regret when you see the most charming smile on her face…

psst! I hope my brainwashing has succeeded.

You go girl, happy dating at the Hello Kitty Cafe!

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