Attention Blinks! Jentle Salon Pop-Up Brings Whimsical Fun to Singapore

Attention Blinks! Jentle Salon Pop-Up Brings Whimsical Fun to Singapore

Blinks, get your wallets ready!

Blackpink’s Jennie isn’t just a K-Pop star, she’s a fashion icon too! And her latest collaboration with eyewear brand Gentle Monster, the Jentle Salon pop-up, has landed in Singapore, bringing a touch of whimsical fantasy to the city.

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What to expect at the Jentle Salon pop-up

Jentle Salon pop-up

This isn’t your ordinary pop-up shop. Step inside the Gentle Monster store at Marina Bay Sands and prepare to be transported to a dreamy pink wonderland. Think Instagram-worthy installations, playful displays, and a celebration of all things cute and fashionable.

  • A feast for the eyes: Forget minimalist galleries, this pop-up explodes with colour and creativity. Giant, eye-catching installations will be the star of your social media feed.
  • Adorable eyewear and accessories: The pop-up is all about showcasing the Jentle Salon eyewear collection. Expect a range of pastel-coloured frames adorned with delicate star embellishments. But the real stars are the spectacle charms, starting at $30 (S$40.59). From felt bows and rhinestone hearts to the unexpected capybara design, these charms are guaranteed to add a touch of playful personality to your glasses.
  • Free entry and plenty of time to explore: The best part? Entry to the pop-up is completely free! Take your time browsing the collection, snapping photos with the whimsical displays, and soaking up the charming atmosphere.
  • Open until 31 May: Don’t miss out! The Jentle Salon pop-up is open until 31 May 2024. Opening hours are 10.30am to 10pm on weekdays and extend to 11pm on weekends.

Beyond Singapore

Jentle Salon pop-up

Can’t make it to Singapore? The good news is, the Jentle Salon pop-up isn’t just a Singaporean experience. It’s also happening concurrently in other major Asian cities, including Osaka (until 26 May 2024), Tokyo, and Seoul (running until 30 June 2024). So, if you’re travelling in the region, keep an eye out for this unique collaboration! For more information, visit the Gentle Monster official website.

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Whether you’re a die-hard Blackpink fan or simply a lover of all things cute and fashionable, the Jentle Salon pop-up is a must-visit. So grab your friends, head down to Marina Bay Sands, and prepare to be charmed!

All image credit goes to Gentle Monster | Official Instagram

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