10 Iconic Singapore Snacks Locals Recommend You Try

10 Iconic Singapore Snacks Locals Recommend You Try

From sweet to savoury, these snacks will satisfy all your tastebuds.

Singapore has long been coined a foodie paradise, where the gathering of different cultures has given way to a multitude of cuisines in the city. While food like laksa and chili crab are often on the must-try list for tourists, Singaporean snacks are often overlooked. Truth is, the local Singapore snacks are just as good — if not better — than the famous dishes the country is known for. Regardless of what snacks you typically gravitate towards, there is a Singaporean tidbit suited for every person. Without further ado, here is a list of 15 iconic Singapore snacks recommended by locals. Hold tight, because your taste buds are in for a wild ride.

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1. Gem Biscuits

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Image credit: Andrew Russel

Ah, nostalgia. These gem biscuits are a classic Singaporean childhood snack. Easily identifiable because of their multi-coloured sugar icing tops, these biscuits are sold at mama shops (Indian convenience stores) and supermarkets islandwide. The sweet sugar icing that melts in your mouth coupled with the crumbly biscuit base makes each bite extremely addictive. 

While I personally feel that they all taste the same regardless of the colour of the sugar icing, some locals prefer certain icing colours when it comes to these mini biscuits. Try them for yourself and see if they taste any different! 

2. Wheel Crackers

If you’re a fan of chips, you’ll definitely love these wheel crackers. These salty crackers are made out of potato and wheat flour, but they are extremely light so you won’t get full easily. Tip: These taste best when eaten fresh out of the pack. Make sure to store them in an airtight container if you want to maintain that satisfying crunch!

3. White Rabbit Candy

white rabbit candy

Image credit: Gohwz

If you’re looking for an iconic Singapore candy, this is it. This milk-based candy is chewy and rich, but that’s not the best part. The candy is wrapped in a thin transparent piece of edible paper akin to a plastic wrapper. Simply peel off the edible film of paper and let it melt on your tongue – that alone is an experience in itself.

4. Haw Flakes

haw flakes

Image credit: Joey

As a child, I was extremely confused about what these were. These candied wafers are made from the Chinese hawthorne fruit – a fruit typically used in Chinese medicine. Haw flakes come in thin disc-like pieces compact in a tin-shaped wrapping. These are perfect for a quick pick-me-up when you urgently need that mid-afternoon sugar hit. 

5. Wang Wang Xiao Man Tou

xiao man tou

Image credit: Honey Tee

These are, without a doubt, my personal favourite. Shaped like bread buns but 1,000 times smaller, these xiao man tou biscuits are crunchy and sweet. Biting into each one of these creates a mini milk powder explosion in your mouth. The only downside of this snack? They are so delicious that you’ll find yourself easily hooked.

6. Wang Wang Rice Crackers

rice crackers

Image credit: Choo Yut Shing

From the same brand as the xiao man tou biscuits, these rice crackers are another snack you’ll often see locals snacking on. Each packet contains two pieces of the crackers because the best things come in pairs! 

Airy and crisp, these thin crackers are coated with a layer of sugary powder. Don’t forget to lick your fingertips after so you don’t waste the powder collected on your fingers. 

7. Dried Fish Fillet

These dried fish snacks come in long strips that are slightly sweet and chewy. A go-to for a great movie or television snack, it is common to see locals munching on these while enjoying a show. That being said, some might consider these strips tough to chew on. If you have braces, perhaps you should give these a skip.  

8. Biscuit Piring Wafer

biscuit piring wafer

Image credit: ProjectManhattan

It’s hard to miss these packs of brightly-coloured wafers when you visit a mama shop in Singapore. While there is not much flavour to the crispy snack, the texture of the thin wafers make each bite highly enjoyable. These are also very light on the palate, so you may just find yourself eating a few pieces at a go. 

9. Mamee Monster

If you’re a fan of snacking on uncooked instant noodles (yes, some people do that), this snack is for you. The common practice is to crush the noodles while they are still in the packet – this makes them easier to snack on. 

Each packet comes with a small pocket of seasoning that you can sprinkle over your noodles for that extra flavour. Crunchy and delicious, even the pickiest of eaters will find this snack delightful. 

10. Super Ring

Cheese lovers rejoice; your snack is here. These crispy rings are covered in a layer of sweet cheesy goodness that you’ll savour till the last bite. While there is definitely no shortage of cheese in this snack, it still manages to not be overwhelmingly rich. The Super Ring snack is a classic that will never go out of style! 

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Have you heard of any of these local Singapore snacks before? Be sure to try them out and let us know which ones make your top five. Till then, remember to keep your friends close, and your snacks closer.

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