This Three-Part Film Shows Ultraman in Singapore Attractions

Ultraman Teams Up With Singapore’s Merlion in Latest Video Series

The ultimate combo that no one expected!

In conjunction with Singapore and Japan’s 55 years of diplomatic relations, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has teamed up with Japanese production house Tsuburaya Productions — creator of the Ultraman franchise, which is also celebrating its 55th anniversary. Together, they launched a three-part short film series featuring the iconic superhero in Singapore. 

Titled Ultraman: A New Power of Singapore, the six-and-a-half-minute video features Ultraman going up against several kaiju (Japanese fictitious beasts) that popped up in different parts of the island. Here are some highlights to catch from the video series! (Fair warning: spoilers ahead.)

Highlights from the Ultraman in Singapore series

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Can you imagine being terrorised by a giant monster while strolling around with your family? During the series, three kaiju appear at Singapore’s various landmarks and districts: Gardens by The Bay, Changi Airport, Sentosa, and Marina Bay.

Ultraman then comes swooping in from the sky and attempts to take them on singlehandedly; all happening while onlookers gaze upon the scene unfolding in front of them.

Merlion-inspired kaiju

When all hope seemed lost, the eyes of the iconic Singapore Merlion statue lit up and out jumped a quadrupedal kaiju with a striking red-and-white mane and scaly body. The rogue kaiju was then subdued by a ferocious creature named Merliger, before being defeated by Ultraman’s signature beam attack.

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This STB campaign will run for a year and a half and will be featuring Ultraman in the various key tourism visuals, short films, and travel merchandise. For those who grew up watching the TV series, what do you think of Ultraman arriving in Singapore?

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