10 Reasons Why Singapore is a Kickass City

10 Reasons Why Singapore is a Kickass City

Why is Singapore a great place to visit and an awesome place to live in? Here are 10 reasons that tell you why Singapore is our favourite place to be!

1. Food Paradise

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A national pastime, eating is perhaps the one activity all Singaporeans are obsessed over. Like moths to flames, Singaporeans find themselves drawn everyday to their local hawker centres. They can queue up for hours for the best hot and spicy laksa and those who migrate to other places come back just for the food. A cultural hub, Singapore has some of the best and most exotic food in the world, ranging from Chinese-Indian and Thai to Japanese, Korean and Malay.

2. You can drink your own pee

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Ever heard of NEWater? Due to Singapore’s lack of natural resources (ie water), we are dependent on countries like Malaysia to supply them. However, not anymore! Due to our awesome new technology, we can filter pee to the point where its purer than normal tap water. Let’s just get some pee to quench your thirst!

3. Singlish is Awesome

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Basically, we speak a type of English that nobody else understands. Singlish is a mixture of words borrowed from various influences including our four national languages (English, Chinese, Melayu and Tamil). Some people think we sound silly, others think we sound exotic; we just think we sound awesome.

4. Working towards immortality

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To many outside Singapore, the city is a futuristic nation, an inspirational model for the future. It has already invented means to turn pee into water, what next? Singapore has some of the best health care infrastructures, doctors and medical education. Is Singapore working towards immortality?

5. Natural disasters are non-existent?

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We may seem small and completely vulnerable, but we’re sheltered from all things big and bad. Our neighbouring countries are frequently afflicted by tsunamis and volcanic eruptions, however, the most that can happen in Singapore are the hazy winds brought over by deforestation every year. That’s not even natural, but a man-made influence! Of course, we’re thankful about this because one small tsunami attack might just make us the next Atlantis.

6. The only kind of mugging that happens is studying!

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It is an understatement to say that the Singaporean police force is one of the best in the world. We can confidently say that Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world. However, we’re also a bunch of study freaks. Walk into any Starbucks or Coffee Bean and you’ll see students of all ages – nope, not relaxing – but studying hard for their next exams.

7. Locals love coming home

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It’s no secret, Singapore’s airport is the best in the world. No matter where you come from, you will be more than glad to be roaming the boutiques and clean floors of Changi Airport. While most despair when they have to come home from an exciting vacation, we pampered Singaporeans are somehow a little more okay about it.

8. Night races are cool

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We’re too cool. Singapore is the first ever F1 venue to host a night race on its streets. We practically invented it!

9. Home to awesome adrenaline freak who refuses to give up

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We get the most amazing man on Earth call Singapore his home. Khoo Swee Chiow was the first Singaporean to reach Mount Everest (and again without oxygen), the record holder for the world’s longest skate journey, the record holder for longest controlled scuba dive and the cyclist who rode from Singapore to Beijing in 73 days. Khoo Swee Chiow makes Singapore look cool.

10. Every male above 18 can shoot a gun

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Yes, guys, NS makes this list. Ladies, think yourselves in good hands, for every single male 18 years and above have practised firing a gun at targets. You’re completely safe, unless the gun is pointed at you. How many of your husbands can say that they learned to shoot when they were 18?

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