There Are 250 Empty Italian Houses Selling for €1 Each in Pratola Peligna

There Are 250 Empty Houses Selling for €1 Each in Pratola Peligna, Italy

Care to make these homes your summer and winter escape?

Italy isn’t running short of €1 houses because its remote towns are looking to reinvent themselves. The town of Pratola Peligna is the latest addition; it’s located in the region of Abruzzo, where you can admire the Adriatic Sea’s coastline and the mountainous national parks. Pratola Peligna is also just a two-hour drive from Rome, in case this is the proximity you’re looking for.

According to CNN, the town is hoping to uplift its socioeconomic status and revitalise its culture. As of writing, Pratola Peligna reportedly has 630 empty buildings with 250 houses for sale. Some of them have already been bought while the available ones are listed on the town’s website.

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Foreigners are also welcome to apply, but the biggest catch is that the town is imposing a €10,000 fine if new homeowners don’t present renovation plans within six months of purchasing a €1 Italian house. The local government put this rule in place so they can avoid homeowners who leave their Italian houses for a lengthy period of time without improving their value, and therefore the social culture of the town. 

According to the town mayor Antonella Di Nino, “That worsens the picture and kills our efforts. Particularly with foreigners, tracking them down across the world and forcing them to complete the renovation becomes impossible.”

Remote villages like Pratola Peligna suffer from population decline as these are areas prone to earthquakes, compelling their locals to move out. Currently, the population of Pratola Peligna is estimated to be 7,000 compared to its 13,000 residents in the 1930s.

Despite the downside of this Italian village, it may still prove appealing for those who want to own homes in the Italian countryside. Aside from its small-town charm, narrow alleys, and rustic homes, it’s located near Italy’s best ski resorts, Majella National Park, Sirente-Velino Regional Natural Park, and the National Park of Abruzzo.

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Featured image credit: Angelo D’Amico via Canva Pro

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