You Can Buy a House for Just €1 in This Covid-Free Italian Town

You Can Buy a House for Just €1 in This Covid-Free Italian Town

For an astonishingly cheap price, you can enjoy a slice of Italian paradise.

If you are looking to scoop up a quaint house in a postcard-perfect Italian town, you can commit to making your dream a reality for just €1. Yes, you read that right! Cinquefrondi, overlooking picturesque coasts in the southern area of Calabria, is selling homes for just €1 (roughly SG$1.60). 

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This under-the-radar Italian town is a stunning alternative to tourist hot spots like Rome and Tuscany. It is surrounded by the ruggedly beautiful Aspromonte National Park that rises majestically from sea level. Its coastline spools out a staggering 500 miles encompassing the Ionian sea. Long stretches of white sands and warm, turquoise water are easily accessible. 

Aside from its surroundings of the precious natural landscape, the town highlights its COVID-free status. Cinquefrondi has reported zero coronavirus cases among its residents as the disease cuts a swathe through other countries – adding to its allure. 

The purpose of this €1 home deal is to reverse a trend of rural depopulation brought about by younger folks deserting their homes in search of better opportunities in big cities.

Mayor Michele Conia has named the task “Operation Beauty” befitting of its sheer rapture.

“Finding new owners for the many abandoned houses we have is a key part of the Operation Beauty [mission] that I have launched to recover degraded, lost parts of town,” Conia tells CNN.

Time limit for the €1 Italian house

While other towns have attracted buyers with the promise of cheap homes, they usually require a deposit of €5,000 ($7885 SGD). The down payment will be forfeited if buyers are unable to complete renovation within three years. 

Cinquefrondi is working out a more attractive arrangement to stand out from the pack. 

To get your hands on an Italian casa dolce casa (home sweet home), you simply have to put forth an annual payment of €250 ($394 SGD) whilst renovations are in progress. In an unlikely circumstance that you are unable to wrap up restoration works within three years, you will only be liable to a fine of €20,000 ($ 31 540 SGD).

Given that the average sizes of the bargain houses are approximately 40 to 50 square metres wide, restyling is an easy feat. Besides, new buyers of €1-houses in other Italian towns tend to accomplish the task before the time is up.

On top of the ideal size, some of the houses have balconies with unobstructed views of the breathtaking neighbourhood. 

There are currently a dozen of homes that once belonged to farmers, shepherds, artisans and tanners up for grabs. Conia plans to hold up the market with more than 50 properties if the demand rises.

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Cinquefrondi’s storied history dates back centuries

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Cinquefrondi boasts ruins of Greek fortresses, a strategic ancient Greek road built to connect the two seas, a Roman villa, destroyed monasteries, and pagan temples – a homage to its glorious past. It was once a strategic outpost during Greek’s burst of colonial expansion.  

Locals inhabiting the dilapidated town call themselves the ‘last Greek’. They often utter ancient Greek words when having a friendly chatter. The pluricentric language even extends to the names of places, streets, and arches.

Conia aptly describes Cinquefrondi as a land of cultural contamination and cross-civilisations. 

Restoration efforts are underway

Much to the delight of prospective buyers,  the mayor has recently refurbished decrepit infrastructures in Cinquefrondi. Roads, piazzas, old fountains, public parks, and even a church, have been neatly restored and given a fresh coat of vibrant colours. 

There is a conspicuous entryway with steps painted in rainbow hues found in the area. It serves as a reminder that locals have embraced the rule of law in a land afflicted by criminality. 

Festivals and food fairs

Marcia della Pace | Image credit: Amministrazione Comunale Cinquefrondi Facebook Page

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Denizens often hold social-cultural events to enhance a sense of identity amongst the local communities. Amongst them are festivals and food fairs during the warmest season of the year. 

Get ready for a cultural and gastronomic fair when dusk falls. Farmers presenting creative renditions of potatoes, sweet pepper dishes, and artisan inventors proudly displaying their handmade chairs, will enliven the streets. The aroma of the food will waft through the air as celebrations reach their climax.

Cinquefrondi’s dining landscape is a mouth-watering delight for all gourmets, especially during summer fairs. There is no excuse not to try Stroncatura. It is a flavoursome traditional pasta made with buckwheat flour and topped with anchovies and bread crumbs. 

Deep-fried dough balls filled with cannoli-style pastry cream colloquially known as zeppole doughnuts will make children and adults alike squeal with delight. Conia promises fun in this pleasantly old-fashioned town.

Are you ready to live out your la dolce vita in an idyllic spot in Italy? If the answer is a reaffirming yes, this tempting €1 Italian house deal should not be missed. For an astonishingly cheap price, you can enjoy a slice of Italian paradise. 

To find out more about the historic homes on offer, email: [email protected] Your dream Italian home could be an email away!

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