You Can Rent This Town in Italy That Can Fit Up To 200 People

This Charming Italian Commune Near Rome Is Available for Rent

Did we mention you can stay in a castle, too?

Buying an entire village might be too big of a commitment, so why not rent one instead? Allow us to introduce you to Petritoli, Italy — located in the Le Marche region and just about a three-hour drive from Rome. And yes, you can have this entire town all to yourself (and your travel buddies), especially if you want to go all out on your next European holiday! 

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What to know before you rent this town in Italy

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Petritoli covers an area of over 23 kilometres, so you can certainly fit a lot of people. It can accommodate up to 200 guests, with a minimum of 50 — making it a fantastic idea for a destination wedding or simply a big group vacation

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Guests can take their pick of jaw-dropping places to stay, from charming medieval houses… to an actual castle. The latter is called the Palazzo Mannocchi, which can already comfortably fit up to 80 people! Surely, you can’t get more lavish than that. 

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This historic town also boasts a theatre, an outdoor cinema, gardens, ancient Roman structures, medieval squares, and more. It sits on top of a hill, so you can expect breathtaking panoramas of mountains and rolling agricultural fields that go as far as the eye can see. What’s more, it’s just a short drive from coastal towns if you’re in need of a beach fix. 

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Now, let’s talk about the price, because that’s obviously something worth noting. Prices start at US$1,577 (~S$2,166) per night, which is probably as expensive as you’d expect to rent an entire town in Italy. But here’s a trick: If you split the cost between a certain number of people, it’s actually not as bad. Let’s say you’ll be a group of 50; each of you will only have to pay US$31.54 (~S$43) a night! (Hey, where there’s a will, there’s a way.) 

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Click here to book your stay and have a countryside holiday to remember. 

We wouldn’t blame you if you end up wanting to stay longer afterwards. Fortunately, the country has a digital nomad visa in the works, so that’s something to look forward to! 

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