Why it's Important to Write About Your Travels

Why it’s Important to Write About Your Travels

Try it! You’ll fondly look back on what you’ll write.

The best way to keep and preserve memories of your travels nowadays is arguably by taking photos. It’s the easiest and fastest way thanks to our smartphones, and mirrorless cameras, which can take photos with quality that is almost on par with DSLRs. So with the help of digital images to capture memories, why would writing about our travels still be of any use? Believe it or not, it’s quite important. Here’s why.

You look back on your thoughts and feelings

When I say write about your travels, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to write your whole experience in a journal or make a long status update about it on Facebook, although, these are useful ways indeed. Writing about your travels can be as simple as sending your loved ones, or even yourself, a postcard with a short and meaningful message. It can be as simple as noting down on a travel book the interesting things you’ve discovered about your destination.

An advantage this method has over taking photos is that you get to recall and read exactly what you thought and how you felt about your travels in the past. You allow yourself to examine what you were like back then, how you saw the world, how you processed a different environment, and compare it to who you are at present. Photos can only remind you of so much, but when you actually write down your own account, reminiscing is much more fun and thought-provoking.

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You share your experience with other people

Like I said earlier, from your destination, you can send postcards and letters with meaningful messages about your travels and send these to your friends back home. Since they’re not there with you, at least you can share a unique souvenir with them by picking a locally designed card from where you are. Sending handwritten letters may be outdated nowadays, but it remains to be a traditionally sweet way to express one’s self and to connect with other people. Not to mention, there’s no substitute in the effort of buying a postcard, writing down the message, and looking for the nearest post office to send it.

If you’re using blogs and social media as a way to talk about your trip, there’s nothing wrong with that either. In fact, I think every traveller should take advantage of the Internet to share their travels at least once. Sure, not everyone is inclined to update their social network about the adventures they’ve had. But look at it this way. Sharing what you’ve experienced and what you’ve learned in your travels could help other people in their future vacations too.

The simplest insight from budget, accommodation, interacting with the locals, to picturesque attractions could make all the difference for someone who’s going to travel to the same place you’ve been to. Even travel bloggers earn recognition for giving tips based on their experience, and not just because they write about how much they enjoyed their vacation.

You can learn from your mistakes

You won’t remember everything about your trip. After you’ve had one after the other, your memories of each place will become a blur. That’s why photos help, and that’s also why writing about your travels will help even more. Write about what went right and what went wrong. About the things that exceeded your expectations and the things that didn’t even reach it. Write about everything you could have done better. Then, read all of it again. Learn from the experience, and do everything better the next time you travel.

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You’ll have something to pass down

If you keep a physical journal, scrapbook, and even the postcards you send yourself from your travels, then you know how much these items can be so sentimental. One day, you can pass them down to your children or other family members to remember you by, and for them to know of your adventures as well. Nothing goes to waste.

It’ll be easier to keep track of your travels

Digitally, you can curate your online blog easily where your travels are specifically categorized for you and your readers’ quick reference. Facebook also has a feature that reminds you of what you’ve posted and where you’ve been after a year/s since the event. You can remind yourself of your travels effortlessly when technological tools such as these make chronicling your adventures quicker and more convenient. Again, take advantage of the Internet and write what you can, because it’s easier now than it was back then, and it’s amazing how helpful the Internet can be as long as you know how to use it properly. Don’t take it for granted.

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So, were you taking down notes? It’s about time you should.


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