Hong Kong Cancels 2020 New Year’s Eve Fireworks Over Protest Concerns

Hong Kong’s New Year 2020 Fireworks Have Been Cancelled

Hong Kong Tourism Board cancels fireworks to protect public safety but will still have a big countdown

Image credit: Dennis Wong

You read that right: Hong Kong’s ever-popular Victoria Harbour fireworks has been cancelled. 

According to the Hong Kong Tourism Board, the cancellation is due to security concerns amidst the controversial extradition bill protests. This is the first time in its ten-year-history that the traditional fireworks display has been cancelled. Instead of the fireworks, visitors can expect a light show instead

In a bid to prioritize public safety, the board will organize a multimedia light show instead. At the first ring of the new year, lights in multiple colours will be projected onto the city’s tallest skyscrapers. The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre will also display a giant countdown clock. 

As the Hong Kong time zone is ahead of many countries in the West, they are often the first featured in firework montage displays internationally. 

This isn’t the first firework display in the city to be cancelled. In October, fireworks planned in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China were also cancelled. 

Other notable events that have since been cancelled in the city include the Hong Kong Football Club Rugby Section’s annual rugby tournament (initially scheduled for April) and Clockenflap, one of Asia’s most prominent music festivals. 

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