You Can Now Fly First Class From Singapore to Sydney and London!

You Can Now Fly First Class From Singapore to Sydney and London!

Travel in style and luxury!

Singaporean globetrotters, rejoice! Your next trip from Singapore to Sydney and London just got a lot more luxurious! On 20 June 2022, Qantas Airways reintroduced its superjumbo A380 aircraft routes to and from Singapore on its SIN-SYD and SIN-LHR routes!  

The recently refurbished A380 aircraft features 14 First Suites, 70 Business Suites, and 60 Premium Economy seats (apart from the usual economy seats) in its premium cabins, allowing passengers to travel in unrivalled comfort and style. The on-board lounge also boasts a ambient new look with a sumptuous bespoke snack menu. 

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You can experience luxury in the sky with Qantas on one of their daily return A380 flights from Sydney to Singapore and on to London; As well as 20 weekly A330-operated flights from Singapore to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane.

Apart from the return of their superjumbo A380 aircraft, Qantas recently also re-opened its glamorous new pre-flight lounge at Changi Airport. Launched in December 2019, Qantas’ First Lounge was only in operation for a few months before shutting down due to the pandemic. 

Now, this popular lounge (along with the Qantas Business Lounge) is back with aplomb, pampering passengers with a Neil Perry fine dining experience featuring menu items inspired by Singapore’s vibrant culinary scene. Before jetting off, make sure to also stop by the bar to sample bespoke cocktails and some fine champagne as you relax and bask in the soothing environment. There are also shower suites for those who wish to freshen up! 

Having seen all these, we just can’t wait for our next flight with Qantas! What about you? 

Information and images extracted from a press release by Qantas.  

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