Glamping Sites in Asia That Are Perfect For Your Girls Trip

10 Glamping Sites in Asia That Are Perfect For Your Girls Trip

Because glamping and gal pals go perfectly together.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll notice that glamping has become a huge thing over the past few years. And rightly so — it combines the best of both worlds: comfort (glam) and nature (camping). Along with that, there are more glamping sites with interesting new concepts, some of which you never thought you needed. 

So, how about going glamping with your favourite girls for your next all-femme trip? It’s absolutely perfect, especially if you want to enjoy nature, sans the hassle roughing-it-out part. It’s all about combining Instagram-worthy aesthetics with the wonderful company of nature for an ultimate rejuvenating bonding experience.

From the beach, rainforest, to the desert — Asia is brimming with so many cool glamping sites! Check out these 10 exciting spots that you might want to book for your next girls trip.

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1. Sandat Glamping Tents – Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

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When it comes to an all-girls trip, Bali is always a good idea! And there’s no better place than one of Bali’s glamping sites — Sandat Glamping Tents. Take a break from the surfing and beach parties in exchange for the serenity of being surrounded by the verdant rice fields and towering coconut trees. 

Sandat Glamping Tents has five safari-style luxury tents, each with its own private pool overlooking the tropical greenery. There are also three lumbungs (barn-type cottages with thatched roofs), each with two storeys and more beds — making it perfect for bigger groups. For total rejuvenation, this eco-friendly resort also offers regular yoga classes and an on-site spa!

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2. Natra Bintan – Bintan Island, Indonesia

How about glamping beside Crystal Lagoon, the first artificial saltwater lagoon in Southeast Asia? That’s exactly what makes Natra Bintan one of the most lovely glamping sites, especially for an all-girls weekend! While it has 100 safari-themed tents, we recommend the deluxe tents. These feature wider spaces, a whirlpool tub, and even an outdoor patio where you can have your own private barbecue. 

At 60 hectares, the Crystal Lagoon is also the largest in Asia. No wonder it offers a lot of fun-filled water activities! You can lounge by the powder-white shores, swim around on a unicorn float, or go kayaking. They also have adrenaline-packed water sports like the Jetovator, a hydro-powered jet bike that pumps you mid-air à la Super Mario

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3. 9Hornbills – Koh Yao Noi, Thailand

Lavish glamping on top of an under-the-radar island? Count us in! You’ll find 9Hornbills on Koh Yao Noi, an island nestled between the more touristy Phuket and Krabi. Take your pick among seven safari-style tented villas, each offering stunning views of Phang Nga Bay

Imagine waking up and seeing those famous limestone karsts rising from the sea. Afterwards, you and your gal pals can take a dip in your villa’s own infinity pool, while having a floating breakfast. Top that off with a private terrace and butler service, and you might not ever want to leave your tent. But if you decide to, you can go island-hopping and explore the caves and lagoons of neighbouring islands. 

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4. 4 Rivers Floating Lodge – Koh Andet Island, Tatai, Cambodia

4 Rivers Floating Lodge is the ultimate outdoorsy retreat. You can spend days enjoying both the glamping site’s amenities and the surrounding attractions. Opt for an overwater tent; there’s nothing like falling asleep to sounds of the flowing Tatai River. Each tent features a private balcony, which is a perfect spot for catching some afternoon sun or even the sunset! 

Craving a bit of adventure? Join a trek to the nearby Cardamom Mountains or check out the Tatai Waterfall. You can also kayak on the river and then visit the mangrove forest — the largest in Southeast Asia! Seriously, who needs a boyfriend when you can do all these fun activities with your girl friends? Then after all that, head back for a lovely dinner at the resort’s 4 Rivers Restaurant. Their Khmer dishes are some of the finest in Cambodia

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5. The Birdhouse – El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Ever wished you had a cool treehouse with a view of the sea and surrounding islands? This boutique glamping site gives you just that! The Birdhouse features three luxury tents (or ‘nests,’ as they call it), which can accommodate up to four people. Each nest comes with its own balcony, as well as a chic earthy palette complementing the locally handcrafted furnishings. 

Situated near Marimegmeg Beach in El Nido, this glamping site makes for a great retreat in between island-hopping tours. Trust us, you and your gal pals will need more than a day to explore all 45 islands in El Nido! On days that you’d rather stay in, you can join The Birdhouse’s regular sunset yoga classes. Few things are more invigorating than finding your zen, as you watch the Palawan sunset with your favourite people. 

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6. Saiyuen Camping Adventure Park – Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

Have you ever wondered what camping is like in other parts of the globe? Well then, head over to Saiyuen Camping Adventure Park. You and your gal pals can choose among six different types of glamping sites, each with a different theme. They also have different adventure-centric activities and even an outdoor barbecue! Who would have thought that you could find such a place in Hong Kong, right?

If you want to have an actual camping experience (regular tents and all!) — but with working bathrooms — opt for the Wild Camp

Ever wondered what life was like for ancient warriors and hunters? You’ll enjoy your stay in the Mongolian Gers and Native American Teepees

But for a one-of-a-kind glamping experience, we recommend the Star Gazing Geodesic Domes. These are located at a higher elevation, allowing you to enjoy the twinkling night sky through a clear dome ceiling. 

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7. Wild Coast Tented Lodge – Yala, Sri Lanka

Few glamping sites have locations that are as spectacular as that of Wild Coast Tented Lodge – Yala. It’s situated right where the jungle meets the beach overlooking the Indian Ocean! Adjacent to it is Yala National Park, where you’ll find fascinating wildlife right on your doorstep — from leopards, sloth bears, to elephants. 

Wild Coast Tented Lodge has 28 cocoon-like tents, with varying shapes and styles that are equally fascinating. We didn’t think a futuristic-safari theme could actually be possible till we laid our eyes on these architectural achievements. This resort truly lives up to its philosophy of redefining safari as a holistic wilderness experience!

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8. Pine4Rest – Gapyeong, South Korea

Head into the Gapyeong countryside where you’ll be welcomed by the smell of pine and other coniferous trees. And thankfully, Pine4Rest is surrounded by a lot of these, as its name suggests. Best to come here in the spring or fall, when the scenery is at its finest.   

Among all the glamping sites in South Korea, Pine4rest stands outs with its tents — all of which are designed by an architect. Each glamping tent features a minimalist design and an interesting shape resembling a UFO and a ramyeon bowl. And then at night, you and your friends can have a Korean barbecue feast at your private porch. Yum! 

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9. Damodra Desert Camp – Rajasthan, India

Like a mirage in the middle of the Thar Desert, Damodra Desert Camp offers a different kind of retreat than most glamping sites you know of. Settle in one of the 10 luxury tents, which are reminiscent of Swiss cottages. The tents’ large plush beds, colourful decor, and modern amenities are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise arid setting. 

Don’t be fooled, though — this desert glamping site has more to offer than just mere aesthetic and unconventional setting. Make your girls trip memorable by going on a camel ride towards the sand dunes near Jaisalmer, A.K.A. the Golden City. At night, experience the rich culture of Rajasthan through a traditional dance and music performance, followed by an authentic Rajasthani dinner. Cap off your day by looking up at the desert night sky filled with constellations. Who knows, you might even spot a shooting star! 

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10. Aman-i-Khás – Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan, India

Another glamping site in the majestic Rajasthan state is Aman-i-Khás. But this one isn’t in the desert — quite the opposite, actually. You’ll find this stunning sanctuary in the outskirts of Ranthambore National Park, home of many majestic Bengal tigers and several ancient ruins. This wildlife location used to be a favourite hunting ground of Indian royalty from centuries ago. 

Speaking of Indian royalty, each tent in Aman-i-Khás is inspired by airy Mughal pavilions. Upon stepping inside, you and your gal pals will feel like you’re part of a maharajas’ hunting party in the 17th century. After a good night’s sleep, you can join a tour to Ranthambore National Park (minus the hunting part of course). Throughout your stay, you’ll see just how the level of grandiosity — both of the abode and the jungle — has remained quite the same. And that’s a good thing. 

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It’s always a great time to make new memories with your favourite girls! And with so many pretty glamping sites in Asia, there’s bound to be one that will be a perfect fit for your group. Which of these are you excited to book for your next girls trip? 

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