Super Nintendo World To Open At Universal Studios Japan In 2020!

Super Nintendo World To Open At Universal Studios Japan In 2020!

Game on!

Gamers, here’s an experience that’s a different animal from typical Nintendo boss fights! If you haven’t heard, Japan has been building the world’s first-ever “Super Nintendo World” at Universal Studios, Osaka since 2017. 

Hint: There are plans to open Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Singapore, too!

Japan is aiming to open the new park before the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics (that’s this year already!). Though there are no sure dates for when Super Nintendo World will finish construction, Universal Studios has already announced a few details we can all look forward to. The park will be driven by Yoshi and Mario Kart themes, so it won’t be long until we have life-sized rides of the games. Sprinkled with exciting attractions such as Peach’s Castle, Bowser’s Castle, a Mario-themed restaurant, and even a souvenir shop where you can upgrade your Nintendo collection, the foundations of Super Nintendo World already sound promising!

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There are certainly more rides to come, but they have been kept under wraps as of the moment. That said, stay on the lookout for more announcements. You can bet your bottom dollar that kids and kids at heart will be scrambling for tickets to be the first ones to experience Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan. After all, Osaka’s Universal Park is the most visited one in the world as far as 2018 records show. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, save up for another adventure in Japan!

For more information, visit the Universal Studios Japan official website.

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