A Guide to Ski Chalet Holidays in France: What to Know

Experience the Ultimate Alpine Getaway: Ski Chalet Holidays in France

After an enthralling time on the slopes, there is nothing better than knowing that a high-quality ski chalet, known for its excellent food, wine and service, is waiting to pamper you and give you the rest and relaxation you need after a hard day of skiing.

It has therefore come as no surprise that ski chalet holidays in France are gaining in popularity, especially with families and groups. They allow you to ski as hard as you like and not worry about accommodation and cooking meals.

Not only does it offer wonderful value for money, an all-inclusive ski chalet vacation allows you to spend the maximum time, both on and off the slopes.

What exactly is a ski chalet?

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A ski chalet offers a traditional and freestanding accommodation in a building with a sloping overhanging roof, common to all resorts. Nowadays, they may not be freestanding but might be merged with two or more chalet apartments, all within one large building. They are a perfect choice for family ski holidays in the French Alps

What’s included in a catered ski package?

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Ski chalet accommodation is usually compact and sleeps between four to eight people with options of accommodating up to 20 people in larger chalets. Most of the ski chalets in France adopt the traditional alpine type of architecture with features authentic to the area you are staying in. Key features include a public lounge space, dining area, a boot room, hot tub, open fireplace, balconies and in some places a bar.

Cooked breakfast, afternoon tea and a three-course dinner (with wine) are usually included in all packages. Meals are generally taken in a communal dining area and are cooked by the chalet hosts themselves.

A large number of properties come with flights and transfers for an extraordinary hassle-free experience. You can choose from airports all over the UK and Europe and have a transfer by car, coach or minibus waiting for you to whisk you away to your resort as soon as you land. Thanks to chartered planes and airline discounts, this turns out to be more cost-effective than is planned separately. Moreover, hand luggage is usually included and you add extra baggage and ski equipment at the time of booking.

How does it all work?

On arrival, you will be greeted by your chalet hosts who on their part would have ensured that everything is neat and tidy as soon as you enter.

Your host will take care of all the lodging and boarding needs which means no housework at all for you. The hosts may take a day or two off in a week where you have to help yourself to breakfast and eat out for dinner.

Dining is a social affair, which requires eating with others unless you have booked the space solely for yourselves. While everyone gets their own room, the communal parts of the accommodation are shared by one and all.

What’s included in the chalet board?

1. Breakfast

Included on most days when your host will cook and serve you. On off days, breakfast will be laid out for you to help yourself.

2. Afternoon

On a week-long stay, tea is often provided after you return from the slopes. Cakes, cookies, toast, soup and a hot drink are also on offer.

3. Dinner

Dinner is a multi-course affair, served in the evening and includes complimentary wine, and pudding followed by coffee. Note, however, that the free-flowing wine is not a universal affair, so enquire before you book as it is an important element of a ski holiday.

(In a self-catered ski chalet you can do your own cooking in the kitchen for whatever your appetite desires. Access to kitchens is usually restricted for guests, so inquire before you book)

During the host’s day off:

Afternoon tea and dinner will not be served. This will allow you to explore the cuisine in the nearby restaurants. If you are in a large group, it is recommended to book your table well in advance, preferably at the beginning of the week as restaurants are busy in the evenings and finding tables for a large number of people can be tricky at walk-ins.

Accommodation options

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As stated before, chalets can sleep between four and up to twenty people at a time. Despite the numbers, they offer a much more personal experience than staying in a traditional hotel. You have the option to book a single room in the chalet and share the rest of the building with fellow skiers, or if you are in a group you can book a chalet solely for yourselves to enjoy total privacy in the mountains.

Ski operators offer a wide selection of ski chalets catering to large hotel-style accommodations, usually sleeping two in one room, in twin or double beds. Some chalets offer single rooms, triple rooms and even quad rooms for large families. Almost every chalet has ensuite or private bathroom facilities.

Several ski chalets are catered for families with kids. They come with special childcare facilities, well-positioned ski schools, and easy access to slopes where you don’t have to worry about heading to slopes with heavy gear and little children following you. If you are travelling with toddlers or young children, ski chalets offer special childcare and en-suite creche services and a kid’s club for different age groups in addition to easy access to a nearby sister property. Once the kids are safe in the hands of qualified in-house staff and nannies, the parents can indulge in their own outdoor activities. Do remember that childcare usually involves an extra charge, over and above your package, which you should confirm at the time of your booking.

The wide range of ski chalet options caters to every taste. One can easily find the right property for the exact number of people with a professional host who will take care of all the nitty gritty. 

Which are the best ski chalets in France?

Ski chalets are most popular and common throughout France in all the major French ski resorts. Some of the popular ski resorts are Meribel, La Plagne, Val D’Isere and Rebertey which offer a wide selection of ski chalets, some with ski-in and ski-out facilities for easy accessibility to the slopes.

CHALET             RESORT            SLEEPS

Chalet Raoul       Tignes             Up to 8

Chalet Aigle 

Royal.                  Tignes             Up to 14

Chalet Iceberg     Tignes             Up to 9

Chalet Alaska      Tignes             Up to 20

Chalet Lys

Martagon             Tignes             Up to 12

Chalet Le 

Perle                     Tignes            Up to 10

Chalet Whistler     Val D’Isere     Up to. 8

Chalet Blackcomb Val D’Isere    Up to  8

Chalet Alberta     Val D’Isere      Up to 8

Chalet Ontario    Val D’Isere       Up to 8

Chalet Sapin    Reberty 2000      Up to 11

Chalet Vega    Val Thorens        Up to 12

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So pick one of these amazing ski chalets in France and enjoy an unforgettable experience. 

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