Best Emily in Paris Filming Locations in Season 2 You Need to See IRL

Best ‘Emily in Paris’ Filming Locations in Season 2 You Need to See IRL

Ready to explore the City of Love like this darling fashionista expat?

Netflix’s Emily in Paris definitely livened up our holidays with the premiere of its second season. The 20-something marketing exec is back with more polarising fashion choices, workplace shenanigans, and of course — good ol’ personal drama. Another great thing about this season is that we get to know more about the other characters, including their backstories. 

Not to be outdone, the Emily in Paris filming locations in Season 2 also left us wanting more. Whether you find it absolutely charming or lowkey basic, there’s something fun about living vicariously through this peppy American expat. That said, we’ve gathered our favourite spots — most of which are located within the City of Lights. 

Fair warning: Spoilers ahead! If you have yet to finish watching the latest season, you might wanna bookmark this for later. 

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A roundup of our favourite Emily in Paris Season 2 filming locations

1. Le Café Marly

Image credit: Le Café Marly Official Facebook Page

In the first episode of the latest season, Emily goes through an awkward lunch with Camille and Sylvie at this luxury restaurant right beside the Louvre Pyramid. This is where Sylvie, who easily figured out what was really going on, dropped her iconic line: “Oh, Emily, you’re getting more French by the day.” 

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2. Marché d’Aligre

Image credit: Netflix

As Emily plans an intimate dinner with friends to celebrate her birthday, she gets help from the dashing chef (and her secret lover) Gabriel. Together, they go shopping at a nearby market that serves as his go-to for fresh produce.

3. Père Lachaise Cemetery

Image credit: Netflix

Also on the same day, Emily’s eccentric colleague, Luc, invites her to a picnic at the oddest of places: a cemetery that’s home to many cultural icons. It turns out this is how Luc celebrates his own birthday —  at his favourite spot next to the grave of art critic, Honoré de Balzac. He then goes into an existentialist monologue about how “to think about life means contemplating death.” Fun stuff. 

4. La Samaritaine

Emily in Paris filming locations

Image credit: Samaritaine Official Facebook Page

The extroverted Emily makes the wrong choice of befriending Petra — a newcomer in her French class who turns out to be a kleptomaniac. What’s supposed to be a fun shopping trip to this ritzy Parisian department store ends up with Emily being an accidental accomplice to shoplifting.

We enter this store again in a later episode, where it served as the venue for the Laboratoire Lavaux launch event.

5. Tortuga Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann

Emily in Paris filming locations

Image credit: Netflix

This show sure takes “lunch with a view” quite seriously. Among the most picturesque Emily in Paris filming locations is this luxury rooftop restaurant overlooking Palais Garnier, as well as the Eiffel Tower from afar. Here, Emily finally gets to sit down with Camille after their major fallout because of Gabriel. 

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6. Perrotin Paris

Image credit: Art Basel Official Website

Emily’s not the only character with a trés chic dream job. Aside from helping run her family’s champagne business, Camille also works in a contemporary art gallery. And guess what? Her onscreen workplace actually exists IRL — just down the block from the more famous Musée Picasso Paris. This gallery also has locations in other major cities such as New York, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Tokyo. 

7. Cinema Le Champo

Emily in Paris filming locations

Image credit: Netflix

In an effort to improve her French language proficiency, Emily agrees to watch a classic French film with Luc. And what could be a better place to do this than at the historic arthouse cinema in the Latin Quarter? Like most Emily in Paris locations, this served as a stomping ground for many French cultural icons of bygone decades. 

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8. Fontaine Saint-Michel

Image credit: Boggy via Canva Pro

With her work visa expired and struggling to make ends meet, Mindy becomes a lead singer for a busking band of fellow starving artists. Her first performance takes place in front of this ornate structure, which is also located in the Latin Quarter. Not to be outdone by her mesmerising backdrop, our fave Asian in Paris even dons a fabulous cape jacket! 

9. Émile Anthoine Stadium

Emily in Paris filming locations

Image credit: Netflix

Towards the end of Emily in Paris Season 2, we’re sure many of you found yourselves torn between Team Gabriel or Team Alfie. Who could forget that opening scene in the penultimate episode where the two heatthrobs played football (along with a view of the Eiffel Tower nearby)? Now, that’s a scenery dilemma we wouldn’t mind having…

10. Place de l’Odéon

Image credit: Netflix

Say what you will about the stonecold Parisian-to-the-core Sylvie, but man — did she get even more fascinating this season. Here, we learn more about how cultured she truly is as she goes on a leisurely stroll around this plaza with her younger lover, Erik. Also, let’s acknowledge just how much of a shocker it was when she said that she turns into a friendly person when speaking Italian. 

11. Palace of Versailles

Emily in Paris filming locations

Image credit: Netflix

This is perhaps the most jaw-dropping among the Emily in Paris filming locations this season, wouldn’t you say? The opulent Hall of Mirrors served as the backdrop of Grégory Elliott Duprée’s avant-garde fashion show during the final episode. To top it all off, the temperamental couturier even paid homage to none other than Marie Antoinette. 

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12. Pont Neuf

Emily in Paris filming locations

Image credit: Anastasia Collection via Canva Pro

Also in the season finale is this iconic walking bridge — aka the oldest in Paris! It appears during that über-dramatic last scene, where Emily gazes out into the Seine and ponders over which next step would be the best. Of course, seeing just how many dilemmas she has gotten herself into, that’s going to be quite a heavy decision-making. 

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