8 Fun Facts About Han So-Hee Every K-Drama Fan Must Know!

8 Fun Facts About Han So-Hee Every K-Drama Fan Must Know!

She has such a genuine heart too.

Han So-hee has K-drama fans wrapped around her finger right now with her hit series Nevertheless. She rose to fame when she played Da-kyung in The World of the Married (TWOTM), but did you know she’s already been around the entertainment industry way before that? She started as a model before landing her TV projects and boy, was she already stunning. If you want to know more fun facts about Han So-hee, read on!

1. Her last name is actually “Lee”

Like many Korean actors and actresses, Han So-hee has a screen name different from her real name. Her real surname is Lee, but that’s the only thing she changed. In case you’re having trouble finding her on Instagram, it’s because she uses “Lee” on her social media accounts. Her IG handle is xeesoxee, which is how her real name is pronounced, minus the “x.” How’s that for a fun fact?

2. Han So-hee was raised by her grandmother

Han So-hee’s parents actually got divorced when she was just five years old, so she was raised by her grandmother. Needless to say, her grandma means the world to her. On Instagram, she’s posted about her grandmother twice, both pictures with the caption “My everything.”

3. She started her acting career in music videos

Before her K-drama debut, she made her entertainment debut in SHINee’s Tell Me What To Do music video. After that, she was booked for more music video appearances in That Girl, The Hardest Part, and You & I. The biggest fun fact about Han So-hee here is that she didn’t even have an agency when she got her first music video role. She was just scouted through her SNS (social media). 

We’re not surprised that her youthful charm caught people’s eye. She allegedly hasn’t even undergone any plastic surgery. But you already knew that fun fact about Han So-hee, didn’t you?

4. Han So-hee was so good in The World of the Married that she received a lot of hate comments

When you put a great script and undeniable talent together, the outcome of that is a very convincing portrayal of both protagonist and antagonist. In the case of Han So-hee, she was so impressive in acting as the third wheel, Da-kyung in TWOTM, that she actually got thousands of hate messages. “Some 60,000 comments were all hate messages. It was interesting to see that the drama attracted viewers beyond national borders,” she told The Korean Herald.

5. On the bright side, she landed international endorsements after playing Da-kyung

When actresses get hate for playing the villain, then you know they’re effective. It doesn’t take long before brands notice them too, which is exactly what happened with Han So-hee. These endorsements included both international and local brands, such as  L’oreal Paris, Ritz, Goutal Paris, Lanvin, and Stonehenge. Her life was pretty much turned upside down after The World of the Married, but she deserves every bit of success coming her way!

6. Some of her own artworks were featured in Nevertheless

Another fun fact about Han So-hee you have to know is that she graduated from an art school in Ulsan called Ulsan High School of Arts. So, it isn’t surprising at all that her character, Da-kyung in TWOTM, ended up studying art and museum management by the end of the series. And Nevertheless is basically a story that revolves around artists. 

In fact, Han So-hee drew most of the art pieces found in Na-bi’s room. She even impressed the art director of Nevertheless. According to the show’s producer, “The art director was very fond of her because she knows where to go, what to do, and she’s really good at the utensils as well. Most of the works in Na-bi’s room, she [Han So-hee] drew herself.” All we have to say to that is, “Can we please have one too?!”

7. She had her tattoos removed and quit smoking for her career

We’ve talked about this in a previous article. But what we didn’t say was how Han So-hee was allegedly bullied for the tattoos she had. Her friend stuck up for her and called out the double standard Korean society had when it came to women getting permanently inked. 

In her friends’ words, “Tattoos and smoking, it’s only an issue when women do it. Honestly, it’s just sexist and discriminatory to think that [smoking and tattoos] can be okay for male actors, but there is an issue when a female actress does it.”

Han So-hee eventually got her tattoos removed (a very painful process, by the way) and even quit smoking. Though it was her choice, we definitely think she shouldn’t have been pressured to do it!

8. Han So-hee looks up to Kim Hee Ae

It was a privilege for Han So-hee to star opposite Kim Hee Ae in The World of the Married, and she wasn’t shy about expressing her admiration for the verteran actress. “After seeing her, I have come to think that I want to be like her. The roles played by Kim Hee Ae are mostly of women who lead the store, and I want to play those kinds of characters too,” she told Grazia in an interview. 

The admiration was mutual as Kim Hee Ae likewise showered Han So-hee with praise. The veteran actress even said she was excited for Han So-hee’s future considering the younger actress already seemed to be the full package at a young age. “She’s very passionate, and her skills as an actress are already fully developed. If she’s already this perfect, I wonder what kind of actress she’ll be in the future, when she reaches my age. I can’t even imagine it,” Kim said in an interview. 

To that, we say “Amen!” Han So-hee undoubtedly has a bright future ahead now that she’s quickly risen in the ranks of Korean actresses. She might even co-star with Park Seo-Joon very soon! Got any more fun facts about Han So-hee you’d like to share with us? Let us know on our Facebook page!

All images credited to Han So-hee | Official Instagram Page

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