The Funniest Tweets About the Facebook and #InternetShutDown!

The Funniest Tweets About the Facebook Shutdown Last Night!

Did you survive the night of no Facebook and Instagram?

Thank God that the Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp outage last night happened after office hours in Southeast Asia. Otherwise, SEA businesses would have gone into complete panic mode due to the lack of communication and e-commerce platforms. So while we were saved from the stress that other parts of the world weren’t spared from, we took to Twitter to see how everyone else was coping. 

As of writing, Facebook and its other social media apps are back in business, but the hashtags #facebookshutdown and #InternetShutDown are still trending with the funniest memes and tweets. We’ve rounded up the best ones!


The Internet just couldn’t resist the Squid Game references

Netflix was obviously one of the first to do it


We are living for this exchange

It was “Red Light, Green Light” all over again


We hope non-Twitter users survived the night of #InternetShutDown

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And then the anti-vaxxer jokes came…

We really hope this was the case

With the #InternetShutDown, herd immunity was “finally in sight”

But oh, no! Without Facebook, how will the wannabe scientists prove that vaccines don’t work?

Some couldn’t help but poke fun at Instagram influencers

They must have felt quite grumpy last night


A moment of silence for the brands who rely on influencers too

And too bad no one can post in real-time!

While Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were down, every other business took that as a sign to say ‘hi’… on Twitter

First up is none other than Twitter itself


WhatsApp tried to be relevant again but failed

Some brands were kinda shy in saying hi, but there you go

Opportunistic brands willingly exposing themselves like…

Last but not the least, Adele missed her opportunity to say ‘Hello, it’s me…’ *cue the song*


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So, how well or unwell did you take the #InternetShutdown and #facebookdown last night? We hope you took it as an opportunity to detoxify from social media a little and sleep early, because Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are back in the game. Funny how the Internet felt incomplete with the exclusion of a few apps just for a night!

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