These Han So Hee Predebut Photos Continue to Amaze Her Fans!

These Han So Hee Predebut Photos Continue to Amaze Her Fans!

Her natural beauty radiates

Do you remember Yeo Da-kyung from World of the Married? Or maybe you’re watching the currently trending K-drama Nevertheless. If you’ve seen at least one of these K-dramas, then no doubt Han So Hee has already caught your attention. It might surprise you that this beautiful Korean actress was already a head-turner before she debuted. In fact, reports say she hasn’t even undergone plastic surgery. (No hate to those who have, of course.)

Han So Hee’s fans on Twitter continue to rave about how stunning Han So Hee was predebut, and how she continues to be so even today. 

Want to see more photos of Han So Hee’s predebut looks? Check out the photos below!

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If you look closely at the upper right image, you’ll notice she has tattoos. Those were permanent tattoos Han So Hee had predebut but needed to remove because she wanted to pursue acting. She allegedly quit smoking for her career too!

In comparison, Han So Hee hasn’t changed much based on her predebut photos but her natural beauty definitely bloomed!

If you’re a fan of Han So Hee, make sure to catch her in her latest K-drama on Netflix! Nevertheless is a romantic K-drama about two art classmates. Han So Hee plays the role of Yu Na-bi, a woman who’s pessimistic about love but develops an interest in Park Jae-eon, who likes to flirt but dislikes dating. Is it a match made in heaven?

Whether predebut or postdebut, Han So Hee’s timeless beauty is truly the envy of many. Know about any more Korean actresses worth gawking over? Leave us a comment on our Facebook Page!

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